Shin Universe Robo

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Shin Universe Robo
Shin Universe Robo in the Bandai promotional video
Species Giant combining robot
Controlled by Kamen Rider
Relations Godzilla, Ultraman, Evangelion Unit-01, Cyclone (components)
Enemies Sludge monster, UFOs
Modeled by Kazumori Kawatsu
Played by Yohei Fujita
First appearance S.J.H.U. Project: Shin Universe Robo promotional video

Shin Universe Robo (シン・ユニバースロボ,   Shin Yunibāsu Robo) is a giant robot formed through the combination of Godzilla, Ultraman, Evangelion Unit-01, and Kamen Rider's motorcycle Cyclone. It was created in 2023 as a toy by Bandai, and appeared in suit form in a tokusatsu web commercial.


Shin Universe Robo's name is derived from the promotion for which it was created, the Shin Japan Heroes Universe. Robo is a Japanese shortening of the word "robot."


The Bandai promotional video was directed and storyboarded by Hiroshi Butsuda.[1] According to the credits, Kazumori Kawatsu was responsible for modeling, and the mech was played by stuntman Yohei Fujita. Though Shin series creator Hideaki Anno was not involved with the commercial, Butsuda consulted him over email; Anno's specific request for "a shot of the giant robot walking proudly through an explosion" was named by Butsuda as the turning point in his decision to use a practical suit.[1]


The core of Shin Universe Robo is made up by Godzilla, whose feet, tail, and dorsal fins are removed, and whose neck and head fold down onto his chest. A portion of Godzilla's pelvis also slides down and slits appear in his pelvis and thighs, revealing red paneling on his right side and green on his left. The upper and lower halves of Ultraman's and Eva-01's bodies are separated, with the lower halves becoming the robot's feet and the upper halves becomes its arms. An AT Field projected by the Eva Unit solidifies into a chest ornament, which Godzilla's head pokes through. The transformation is completed by the Cyclone, which becomes the robot's head, and continues to be ridden upon by Kamen Rider. Shin Universe Robo also possesses a pair of red and white wing-like structures on its back. It carries both a sword (its blade a solidified Spacium Beam and the handle a piece of Godzilla's back) and a shield (another solidified AT Field).


Reiwa era

S.J.H.U. Project: Shin Universe Robo promotional video

In a city, Godzilla, Ultraman, Evangelion Unit-01, and Kamen Rider confronted a giant horned sludge monster and a fleet of smaller drones. Before long, Godzilla roared to the others, and they raised their fists in acknowledgment. The four heroes combined into Shin Universe Robo, marching through laser blasts from its enemies. Before long, the robot destroyed the monster with a finishing move: slashing with its sword and shield, firing atomic breath from Godzilla's head, and being joined by a Rider Kick from Kamen Rider.



Shin Universe Robo carries a Spacium Beam sword and AT Field shield, both of which contributed to its finishing move.

Atomic breath

Shin Universe Robo can fire atomic breath from the Godzilla head on its chest.


Shin Universe Robo was unfazed by explosive laser blasts from the sludge monster and its drones, marching straight through them.




This is a list of references for Shin Universe Robo. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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