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The following is a list of bugs living on Skull Island in the continuity of the 2005 film King Kong by Peter Jackson.


Test Image.png Skull Island Termites were divided into three castes. The winged variety left the mound to breed, and the two soldier classes protected it. The spade-shaped variety had powerful jaws, and the narrow-headed variety could spit noxious chemicals to ward away attackers.
Test Image.png Scissor-Beetles were blood-sseeking flightless carrion insects that used grasshopper-like legs to hop to prey, where they used their blade-like mandibles to cut off chunks of meat.
Test Image.png Maggotflies were hairy, flying bugs that dropped their young on rotting carcasses, while feeding off the maggots left by other insects. If the adult Maggotfly was unable to deposit their young within the first few hours after their hatching, they would eat their parent, on which they rode.
Test Image.png Meat Weevils were a species that laid eggs in carcasses that were so resilient that they survived being eaten by carrion feeders that hatched and emerged from the respective animal's dung.
Test Image.png Carrion Centipedes were carrion feeders that would remove meat from a carcass and bury it.
Unclean-crab.png Impurucaris were a small carrion-eating crab of Skull Island's swampland that had paddle-appendages. It was not a very adept swimmer.
Squalor-limpet.png Incultulepas were a species pf limpet that had bone-softening saliva, which aided it in eating the carrion left behind by larger predators.
Corpse-crab.png Funnucaris were eight-inch long crabs with strong, sharp pincers that allowed them to scrape and cut off pieces of meat clinging to skeletons.
Deplector 2.png Deplector
Main article: Deplector.
Deplector were a species of four-to-eight-foot-long land crabs that lived in the cracks and crevices of Skull Island. Females laid hundreds of eggs at a time, and they all left into the chasm after hatching. Male Deplectors are noticeably dwarfed by females, and never leave their larval stage. Instead they inhabit a female's cave and fertilize their eggs.
Abyscid.png Abyscidis were one-to-two foot long Crustaceans that lived in the deep crevices of Skull Island. They typically ate dead or dying prey, and lived in small colonies in the slimy depths of the chasm. Nymph stage Abyscidis navigated the mud to locate new caves and crevices to create new colonies.