"The Earth's Warrior"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Formation of the Fire Tribe"
"The Earth's Warrior"
"The Burning Police Spirit"
"The Earth's Warrior"
The Earth's Warrior
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 4
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Hiroshi Ishii
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date October 25, 2003
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"The Earth's Warrior" (死闘 (しとう)大地 (だいち)戦士 (せんし),   Shitō! Daichi no Senshi, lit. "Death Battle! Earth Warrior") is the fourth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Hiroshi Ishii, it aired on October 25, 2003.


At Professor Horiguchi's lab, he, Mika and Ken watch a news report about a forest fire purportedly caused by lightning, but which had in fact been brought about by Tenma and Akira's battle in the Ultra Star Gods. Horiguchi receives a phone call from Misonogi, who asks about the whereabouts of Garuda and informs him that his investigation into the Wind Tribe members has yet to turn up fruitful. Elsewhere, as Tenma is riding his motorcycle, an unfamiliar yellow Gransazer, Sazer Tawlon, jumps out in front of him. Tawlon challenges Kudo to a duel to determine who is stronger, and leads him to a secluded area before launching his attack. Kudo transforms into Sazer Tarious, but is easily bested. A battered Tenma barges into Horiguchi's lab, telling the professor of the Sazer as Mika tends to his wounds.

At Dr. Akira Dentsuin's hospital, a man identified by one of the nurses as the fighter Naoto Matsuzaka approaches Dentsuin in the halls. Matsuzaka reveals himself as Tawlon and challenges Dentsuin to battle; Dentsuin transforms on the rooftop and jumps down to a field, discreetly calling for backup from Ryoko and Jin on his way down. After some grappling, Remls summons his Iron Gale and fires a blast at Tawlon, but it has no effect. Tawlon responds by summoning Bull Cannons to his shoulders, but is interrupted by Velsou, Dail, and Karin. Karin tells Tawlon that they are his allies, as the Gransazers have a common goal. Tawlon questions why the Wind Tribe were fighting with the Fire Tribe, to which Karin replies that the Fire Warriors do not understand their mission and must be eliminated.

Meanwhile, Kudo spars with Mika in a dojo in an attempt to become stronger. Karin brings Akira to her lab, where she shows him a purple crystalline tablet and encourages him to place his hand on it. Doing so shows him a hologram recorded by Earth's ancient civilization, which Karin uses to explain to him his role as a Gransazer, as well as mislead him into believing that ancient humanity was destroyed by their own kind. She then shows him the Ultra Star God Dorcrus parked in a hangar, and encourages him to use his powers to destroy the Fire Tribe, as they will once again bring about Earth's destruction. Later, Kudo pulls in to his job at Jet Express, where his coworkers excitedly inform him that the world-famous Naoto Matsuzaka is awaiting him. Matsuzaka informs Kudo that he is the Sazer who attacked him, and asks to speak with him more outside. While taking a walk, Matsuzaka explains to Kudo that he had observed the fight between the Ultra Star Gods, and while doing so was struck by a beam of light from the sky that transformed him into Sazer Tawlon. He continues that, had he known of the Gransazers' mission during his duel with Tarious, he wouldn't have let him live, accusing the Fire Tribe of abusing their powers. The two transform into their Sazer forms and fight once again, but this time Kudo is prepared from his training with Mika. The warriors gradually make their way to a valley where Karin is waiting for them. Suddenly, Sazer Remls appears in Dorcrus and fires upon Tarious and Tawlon. A direct blast to Tawlon reverts him to his human form, and they are buried under rubble as Tarious attempts to shield him. Believing the men to be dead, Remls withdraws.

Kudo and Matsuzaka emerge from under the debris. Matsuzaka wonders why Kudo helped him, to which he replies that they were never enemies and Matsuzaka was simply deceived. The two bicker about their fight being cut short before laughing it off. Back at Horiguchi's, Ken tends to Kudo's wounds while Mika scolds him for allowing Tawlon to get away. Kudo replies that he knows Tawlon will return.


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