The H-Man (1958) soundtracks

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The H-Man
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Transforming Human Series soundtracks
The H-Man
The Secret of the Telegian
The H-Man Soundtrack
Cover for the 1995 release of the soundtrack
Cover for the 2012 release of the soundtrack
Composed by Masaru Sato
Released 1995, 2012
# of tracks 281995, 412012

The soundtrack for The H-Man was first released in June 1995 by SLC, with music by Masaru Sato. The soundtrack was re-released by Toho Music in 2012, in a three-disc set alongside the soundtrack for The Secret of the Telegian and the soundtrack for The Human Vapor.


1995 release

  1. Toho Logo ~ Main Title (M1-T1)
  2. The Man Who Vanished in the Rain (M2)
  3. Homura Club BGM1 (PS1-T4)
  4. The Magic Begins (PS2) [by Martha Miyake]
  5. Homura Club BGM2 (M3)
  6. Incident Eyewitnesses (M4)
  7. Mysterious Ghost Ship (M5)
  8. The Wall-crawling Liquid (M6)
  9. The Crew is Attacked (M6A)
  10. The Ghost Standing on Deck (M7)
  11. Chikako Arai's Testimony (M8-T2)
  12. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T5) [by Martha Miyake]
  13. Homura Club BGM3 (PS4-T3)
  14. The Deadly H-Man Emerges (M9)
  15. The Living Liquid (M10)
  16. Homura Club BGM4 (M11)
  17. The Death of Detective Sakata (M12)
  18. In Pursuit of the Criminal Uchida (M13-T2)
  19. Toad Liquefaction Experiment (M14-T2)
  20. Newspaper Report (M15)
  21. Pursuit (M16)
  22. Chikako and the H-Man (M18-T2)
  23. H-Man Incineration Strategy (M19)
  24. H-Man's Demise (M20)
  25. Ending (M21-T2)
  26. ME (Music Material) 1: Dissolving (M22)
  27. ME (Music Material) 2: Radioactive Rain (M23-T2)
  28. ME (Music Material) 3: H-Man (M24-T4)

2012 release

  1. Main Title (M1-T1 + M24-T4)
  2. The Rain at Night (M23-T3)
  3. The Man Who Vanished in the Rain (M2)
  4. Homura Club I (PS1-T4)
  5. The Magic Begins (PS2) [by Martha Miyake]
  6. Homura Club II (M3)
  7. Recalling the Taiei Maru (M4)
  8. Mysterious Ghost Ship (M5 + M6 + M6A + M7)
  9. Chikako Arai's Testimony (M8-T2)
  10. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T5) [by Martha Miyake]
  11. Homura Club III (PS4-T3)
  12. The Liquid Invasion (M9)
  13. The Liquid Approaches Chikako (M10)
  14. Homura Club IV (M11)
  15. The Death of Detective Sakata (M12)
  16. Uchida Disappears (M13-T2)
  17. Liquefaction Experiment (M14-T2)
  18. Report: Era of the H-Man (M15)
  19. Masada in Pursuit (M16)
  20. H-Man in the Sewers (M18-T2)
  21. H-Man Incineration Strategy (M19)
  22. H-Man's Demise (M20-T2)
  23. Ending (M21-T2)
  24. Main Title (M1-T1)
  25. Main Title (M1-T2)
  26. Mysterious Ghost Ship (M5)
  27. The Creeping Liquid (M6)
  28. Emerging Shadow (M6A)
  29. The Ghost Standing on Deck (M7)
  30. Uchida Disappears (M13-T1)
  31. Ending (M21-T1)
  32. Homura Club I (PS1-T2)
  33. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T2)
  34. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T4)
  35. Homura Club III (PS4-T1)
  36. Homura Club III (PS4-T2)
  37. H-Man (M22)
  38. H-Man (M24-T1)
  39. H-Man (M24-T2)
  40. H-Man (M24-T3)
  41. H-Man (M24-T4)


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