The Pictorial Book of Godzilla

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The Pictorial Book of Godzilla
Cover of The Pictorial Book of Godzilla
Author(s) Masami Yamada
Publisher Hobby Japan Co. Ltd.
Publish date January 1995
Genre Information
ISBN ISBN-10: 4894250594
ISBN-13: 978-4894250598

The Pictorial Book of Godzilla (大ゴジラ図鑑,   Dai Gojira Zukan, lit. Giant Godzilla Pictorial Book) is an informational book which features behind the scenes images and stills from Godzilla to Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. It was released by Hobby Japan in January of 1995.[1]


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The Pictorial Book of Godzilla contains a collective 1100 images[1] from the following:



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