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I really like it! I do love the movie but I feel like this improves on things. Though I feel like having a fight between Mothra and Quetzalcoatl as well as one between her and Rodan during the final battle would kind of feel repetitive, unless Quetzalcoatl isn't going to be a pterosaur or bird like usual. It's more of just a personal pet peeve of mine when there are monsters that are very similar in design to others, I like them all to be unique, which is why I really appreciate monsters like Scylla and Behemoth. I wish they showed even more of them. I would rather see her fight some other monster at that time. I think having a short confrontation between Godzilla and Rodan would be neat too, though I'm not sure where that would fit in.

I definitely agree with you that the fights needed to focus more on the monsters, and that the monsters besides Godzilla and King Ghidorah needed a little more screentime. I REALLY wish they would show more urban destruction in these movies, in both 2014 and KOTM. Show more monsters, especially King Ghidorah and the new monsters just destroying buildings. I don't understand why the MonsterVerse thinks classic monster destruction scenes are so goddamn taboo. They didn't show it in 2014 either. In BOTH movies they either show them knocking down one single building or just show the aftermath. Ugh. I know they wanted to make Godzilla a good guy, and it works in KOTM, but maybe in Godzilla 2014 have him start destructive and then have a sort of ark where he turns into more into what he's like in the actual movie and in KOTM by the end of 2014, that way we can get an amazing Hollywood Godzilla destruction scene. And this movie definitely needed scenes of King Ghidorah and the other monsters just wrecking cities. Again, I don't understand why the MonsterVerse insists on neglecting on city destruction scenes. Do they think they're repetitive and people are sick of them? Because I'll never get sick of them.

Also, while I like pretty much all of Serizawa's dialogue, the fortune cookie line didn't work. It's a neat joke I guess, but it falls apart just because of how unrealistic it is. What kind of fortunate cookie is that long and has that much to do with a specific situation? The stuff I get is vague and literally one sentence.

But those are my only qualms. Good job!