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UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Wrath of Godzilla Part 1:

On a sunny day, a group of friends are partying on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.  They’re all drinking and laughing and seem to be having a lot of fun.  The partying suddenly stops and they look up in terror to see a tidal wave coming towards them.  The tidal wave crashes into the yacht causing it to turn over.

Meanwhile, at Wayne Manor…

World famous industrialist Bruce Wayne is reading the paper, and sees the article about the missing yacht. Bruce starts to wonder who or what could have caused this, and Alfred, Bruce's loyal butler, points to the possibility of a terrorist attack. Bruce denies the idea, saying it has to be something bigger.  Dick Grayson enters the room and informs Bruce he’s late for his 3:00 meeting.  Bruce looks at his watch in shock, and gets up.  

Meanwhile, at the police station…

Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent are investigating the situation, deciding on the idea that this could only have been done by Gotham's finest criminals. So they start investigating, and eventually realize that none of them were responsible for the incident, so they are officially stumped. The two men decide there’s only one man that can figure it out.  They return to the police station and Gordon goes straight to the roof where he activates the Bat-Signal, calling upon the Caped Crusader himself.  Bruce notices the Bat-Signal in the sky and excuses himself from the meeting.

Batman arrives, and with him, the solution to their yacht problems, coming to the conclusion that the sinking could have only been done by a giant creature. Dent scoffs at the idea, but Gordon believes him, saying that they already tried everything they could to figure the situation out. Batman does a little more research just to be sure.  After checking the archives, he comes across a file on the JSDF.  He then sees archival footage of a giant reptile attacking Tokyo.   After the video, Batman identifies the cause of the yachts destruction as Godzilla.  Robin arrives and asks what is going on. Batman tells Robin that he found the cause of the missing yacht, and that they should prepare the Batsub.

Back in the ocean...

Near the place of the destruction of the yacht, Godzilla is sleeping.  He then wakes up, and swims toward Gotham.  Meanwhile, Robin leaves the police station and prepares the Batsub. After discussing it some more, Harvey becomes convinced it was Godzilla.  Batman leaves to investigate the area of the crash.  Once Batman arrives, he and Robin board the Batsub, and prepare to look for the King of the Monsters…

On a fishing vessel somewhere in the sea, a man says that he's caught a big fish and that he's gonna make a fortune off of it. All of a sudden, Godzilla arrives, and nearly destroys the boat. But then, a missile hits Godzilla straight in the face, it's Batman and Robin, and they're gonna try to lure The Giant H-Bomb Monster from the mainland. After Godzilla gets hit with the torpedo, he becomes enraged and attacks the Batsub.  Biting and clawing, he tears arpart the sub throwing the Caped Crusaders from the wreckage.  Fortunately, the Dynamic Duo are wearing wetsuits, and they swim to shore as Godzilla advances on Gotham…

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Wrath of Godzilla Part 2:

Back at the Batcave…

Batman is attempting to develop a special type of gas that may be able to subdue the creature, but Alfred denies the idea, saying that it would take something much bigger to neutralize him. Batman agrees with Alfred, and tries checking the Archives for a solution. He finds that multiple attempts have been made to subdue the monster, including full metal missiles, a black hole device, and even a robotic duplicate of Godzilla. All of which failed, however he does find a way to destroy the beast. Apparently, the beast attacked Tokyo in 1954, and was killed with a weapon that disintegrated it, leaving only his bones. It was called the Oxygen Destroyer. Although difficult, Batman was attempting to replicate the formula when suddenly an alarm started going off! It was Godzilla, and he was attacking Gotham!

Godzilla advances on Arkam Asylum and destroys it, inadvertently letting out all the prisoners. He was decimating everything in his path, and was soon to be stomping the Police Station. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, the Batwing appears! The Batwing fires several missiles and guns at Godzilla, cussing him to swat at the Batwing. The Batwing evades the swat, however, Godzilla’s spines begins to glow. Batman knows this isn’t good, and a huge beam of energy emits from Godzilla’s mouth. Although the Batwing has been destroyed, Batman is fine. He crawls out of the wreckage and concludes that the only way to stop Godzilla is how they stopped the first Godzilla. He returns to the Batcave and grabs his Oxygen Destroyer formula and brings it to Doctor Hiroshima at Ace Chemicals. This time, Robin comes with him.

The Caped Crusaders arrive and, soon after, meet up with the Doctor. Batman knows that he can't detonate the Oxygen Destroyer on the surface, as it would turn Gotham into a ghost town. So he tells Robin and Doctor Hiroshima to help find a way to lure Godzilla back to the ocean. As the Batwing is destroyed and he cannot do it alone. Doctor Hiroshima explains that Godzilla killed his family back in 1954, and that he is very dangerous. They hear a strange noise in the shadows but dismiss it. Suddenly, Doctor Hiroshima is shot! Penguin and Riddler step out of the shadows and explains that the Oxygen Destroyer formula is worth a lot of money if sold to the right person. The two steal formula and escape, but Batman knows he has to get it back. Penguin and Riddler dart outside, only to be met with the Monster King himself. They run, but Godzilla catches up with them. Suddenly, a cane pulls the two into an alleyway, it's the Joker, and he's not happy. He says that only he is supposed take over Gotham, not some big lizard, Killer Croc looks at him judgementally. So he tells Penguin, Riddler, and Croc to help Batman, so he can get back to being the most dangerous criminal in Gotham City. The 3 villains reluctantly agree just as Batman, who followed them, turns down the alley. They prepare to fight. Fortunately, Catwoman arrives to help the Dark Knight. Batman and Catwoman attack as the villains try to explain things. Once the villains finally get a chance to say that they want to help the Caped Crusader, the six go back to Doctor Hiroshima's lab, where Robin attempts to get him back to full health.

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Wrath of Godzilla Part 3:

Once Doctor Hiroshima is healed, he explains that it’d be too hard to force Godzilla back into the ocean by normal means. Killer Croc suggests throwing a really big rock at Godzilla. They dismiss the idea, although Batman writes it down. Robin suggests that the only way to stop Godzilla is with the unfinished Batmech. Joker thinks the idea is stupid and refuses to help. Doctor Hiroshima uses the formula to make Oxygen Destroyer missiles for the Operation.

Once the Batmech is finished, Joker leaves in spite of Batman. Soon after, the Batmech arrives piloted by Batman himself! Godzilla feels challenged by its menacing appearance. He takes a swing at the Batmech, but it dodges. The Batmech punches Godzilla in the jaw, and the Monster King lets out a scream of pain. The Batmech then throws a giant rock at Godzilla, to Killer Crocs approval, and knocks Godzilla off his feet. The Monster King then decides that he's had enough, and trips up the Batmech with his tail, knocking it down. Godzilla then pins it down with his foot and roars in it's face. The Batmech attemps to break away but Godzilla blows it's arm off with his atomic breath. The Batmech fires a rocket into the sky that explodes into green gas resembling a several question marks, clearly a product of Riddler. Godzilla gets distracted by this, and the Batmech breaks free. It fires two of Penguin’s umbrella missiles at Godzilla. He is now off-balance and the Batmech tackles him into the sea.

As they wrestle deeper and deeper into the sea, Batman figures that it's time to put an end to this. He fires the first OD missile, and it explodes with enormous impact, knocking Godzilla into the abyss below. Batman figures that it wasn't enough to keep Godzilla down, and gives chase. The Batmech spots Godzilla, and Batman wastes no time activating the rocket boots to catch up to him. Batman catches up with Godzilla, and fires the last OD missile, causing a large underwater explosion. When the smoke clears, Godzilla is gone. Batman jets to the surface to tell everyone the good news.

Batman and Robin return to the police station where Hiroshima and Gordon are waiting. After a small celebration, Robin escorts Penguin and Riddler back to Arkham, although Riddler escapes. Elsewhere, Batman, Gordon, and Hiroshima discuss the OD formula. Upon closer inspection, Doctor Hiroshima states that it’s nothing like Doctor Serizawa’s original invention and it’s more like some kind of Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria. Meanwhile, Godzilla wakes up at the bottom of the sea…

The End..?

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Wrath of Godzilla Bonus Material:

Alternate Ending:

Batman catches up with Godzilla, and fires the last OD missile, causing a large underwater explosion. When the smoke clears, Godzilla is gone, and Batman is nowhere to be seen. Weeks after his disappearance, he is presumed dead. After a saddening funeral, Robin becomes the vigilante Nightwing to honor his legacy. Deep in the shadows… Batman watches him, proudly.

The End…?

Joke Ending;

Godzilla catches up with Batman, and fires the last Dead Parents missile, causing a large underwater explosion. When the smoke clears, Batman is gone. Godzilla jets to the surface to tell everyone the good news. Godzilla returns to the police station where Dr. Hiroshima and Gordon are waiting. After a small celebration, the 2 men and the lizard discuss the DP formula. Upon closer inspection, Dr. Hiroshima states that that it's nothing like the guy in the alleyways original formula and it's more like an Anti-Parents Orphan Bacteria. Meanwhile, Batman wakes up at the bottom of the sea, still an orphan.

ThE eNd?

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Return of Godzilla Part 2:

Two years after the supposed death of Godzilla, Doctor Hiroshima starts having doubts about Godzilla’s demise. He tells his suspicions to Commissioner Gordon, so they send a submarine full of police and scientists to investigate. The submarine is torn to shreds leaving no survivors. Gordon and Hiroshima have no doubts that this was Godzilla. Gordon knows only one man that can help them. Gordon lights up the Bat Signal, and Batman and Nightwing arrive soon after. The duo ask what's going on, and Gordon tells them that Godzilla has returned. Nightwing states that this is impossible, but Batman knows that this isn't some sick joke. Batman leaves after saying he’ll repair the Batsub to hunt for Godzilla, however Nightwing sticks around.

Meanwhile, Robin and Batgirl are investigating the strong winds and earthquakes terrorizing the countryside. Robin thinks it has something to do with the volcano that erupted near where they were. Back at the police station, Gordon is writing down his plans for retirement, when an officer enters the room. He informs him that an unidentified object has been spotted in the water. Gordon knows that this only means one thing. Nightwing uses a wrist communicator to inform Batman of the situation.

Batman prepares the newly rebuilt Batsub, and Nightwing joins him. They board the Batsub, and Gordon wishes them luck. The Dynamic Duo don’t get far before they’re attacked by a giant creature. They believe it Godzilla and try to fight It, but they discover that it’s not actually Titanosaurus. “Holy Prehistory Batman!" Nightwing shouts, however Batman doesn’t seem amused. Neither of them has ever seen this creature before, so they follow the creature to ensure that it isn't a threat. The dinosaur seems to not pose a threat, until he is suddenly attacked! Godzilla had chased Titanosaurus all the way to Gotham. After Godzilla bites and kills Titanosaurus, the Batsub fires a missile at Godzulla, but he grabs it and throws it back at them. The Batsub crashes and Godzilla returns to Gotham Bay to rest.

Meanwhile at the countryside, Robin and Batgirl are asking an old farmer about his missing livestock when, suddenly, a giant bird of some kind soars past the farm with tremendous speed. They quickly duck inside the farmer’s Barn, although it is completely destroyed by the powerful winds. Fortunately, everyone is okay. Robin and Batgirl rush back to the Batcopter to warn Batman.

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Return of Godzilla Part 2:

Meanwhile on Infant Island…

Catwoman is attempting to steal an ancient artifact when she is warned not to by two tiny girls. Catwoman asks them who they are, and they tell her that they are the priestesses of Mothra. Catwoman is then welcomed inside a temple where an old islander says that something terrible is about to happen.

Back in the waters of Gotham, Batman and Nightwing are still stuck in the ruined Batsub. They look for a way out, but can not find anything. The Batsub starts filling up with water, however Batman grabs a Batsaw from his utility belt and uses it to cut a big hole in the Batsub where they escape and swim to the surface. Batman returns to the Batcave, while Nightwing stays behind to inform the police.

Meanwhile, in the skies above Gotham, The Giant Bird is heading for Gotham. The kaiju will stop at nothing to complete it's goal, destroy it's enemy Godzilla. Following behind, is the Batcopter. Fortunately, the Batcopter remains undetected. Back on Infant Island, the old man explains that Godzilla and Rodan have returned and are on a collision course. Catwoman says that everything is okay, and that she had defeated Godzilla before and she can do it again. The old man says that Godzilla has gotten much stronger since that day, and that, if they’re not carful, they’ll attract the attention of Ghidorah. The tiny girls say that Mothra is the only one that can stop the horrible monsters.

Back at the Batcave, Batman is developing an Anti Godzilla Rocket Launcher. Suddenly, an alarm starts going off. Nightwing informs Batman that a giant winged monster has just landed in Gotham. Batman and Nightwing rush off in the Batmobile, heading for the police station. Sadly, Mothra died decades ago and the egg has shown no signs of hatching. The tiny fairies know what they have to do, so they sing Mothra’s Song, but nothing happens. Back in Gotham, Godzilla emerges from the ground, and begins to fight Rodan. Just as the Batmobile reaches the police station, Rodan crushes it by landing on it. When Batman and Nightwing get out, they find Gordon unconscious underneath some rubble. Nightwing lifts the rubble and rushes him to the hospital. Batman helps Doctor Hiroshima and the other survivors to safety. Meanwhile, the Batcopter flys over Infant Island. Robin and Batgirl spot Catwoman, and land near the temple. Robin and Batgirl question her, and Catwoman says she needs a ride. When asked why, she says she’ll explain on the way. Robin and Batgirl reluctantly give her a ride back to Gotham.

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Return of Godzilla Part 3:

The Batmech is in shambles from the last fight, so repairs must be done before it’s ready to fight again. Alfred finds the blueprints to the Batmech, dusts them off, and leaves them on Bruce’s desk. Back in the city, the battle is raging on. The Batcopter arrives and Robin fires the Batzooka, hitting Rodan in the beak with massive impact. Godzilla swats at the Batcopter, sending it out of control and flinging Robin, Batgirl, and Catwoman to the ground. Batgirl locates Batman and Nightwing and regroup with them. The five of them watch as Godzilla viscously battles Rodan. Godzilla smacks Rodan, knocking him down. Godzilla picks up Rodan by the foot and throws him into a building. Godzilla’s spines glow, and he fires his atomic breath at Rodan’s chest, leaving a smoking hole. Finally, Rodan was dead but Batman has yet to deal with Godzilla.

Alfred calls Batman back to the Batcave, because he believes that he's found a solution to his "Lizard problem". At the Batcave, Alfred gives Batman the blueprints to the Batmech, suggesting upgrades. Batman agrees, and begins work right away. Nightwing and the others attempt to stall Godzilla while Batman is away. Batman pays a quick visit visit to Doctor Hiroshima, who’s just finishing with his friend Doctor Shiragami and his daughter Erika. He tells Batman that the only way to defeat Godzilla is the same way as before. Several hours later, Batman returns with the Batmech 2.0, and starts fighting Godzilla. The others cheer him on as he pummels the King of the Monsters. After a long and brutal fight, the Batmech injects Godzilla with ANEB. Soon after, Godzilla collapses and Batman exits the Batmech. The five of them discuss what to do with the unconscious Monster King. Robin says that he saw an old movie a while back about a giant turtle monster, and that in the end, the monster was sent into space via a rocket. Batgirl thinks Robin is being silly but Batman thinks it could work. He thanks Robin for the help, as he may have just saved millions of lives. As Godzilla remained subdued, NASA builds a rocket around him. When the rocket is finished, Godzilla is sent to another galaxy, on on an unknown planet.

Batman says that Godzilla won't be coming back for a very long time, and that the world is saved. On Infant Island, the islanders watch as Mothra's egg begins to crack.

The End..?

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Batman: Return of Godzilla Bonus Material:

Alternate Ending:

After several hours, Nightwing returns with the Nightmech, only for it to be torn apart by Godzilla. Just as Godzilla’s about to finish off the Nightmech, suddenly, the remains of the original Batmech charges at Godzilla, activating it’s Jet Boosters. The Batmech grabs Godzilla, and flies him into a volcano, where he forces the King of the Monsters inside. Batman and Nightwing reunite, although Batman’s return must be kept a secret. Meanwhile, Godzilla’s flesh continues to melt off his bones as he screams in agony. Although, this will not kill him. Only one thing is certain, Godzilla will have his revenge…

The End..?

MechZilla74 (talkcontribs)

Godzilla on Cybertron Part 1: (Work in Progress)

Godzilla has been sent hurling through space by the humans, traveling through the solar system at great speed. Eventually, Godzilla enters a black hole. He it exits near a cybernetic planet. He then crash lands in Kaon, the Decepticon home base. Soundwave stands guard near the base. He then sees a massive rocket land near Kaon, and orders the Seekers to inform Megatron about it. Godzilla then breaks free of his metallic prison, Megatron checks the security cameras and asks what it is, and Shockwave tells him that it is an unidentified object that must be destroyed. Godzilla begins wrecking Kaon, and the Decepticons try everything to defeat the Monster King. They fail, and the kaiju leaves Kaon in ruins, and begins to look for a way off this strange planet. Along the way, Godzilla finds Iacon, the Autobot home base, and, enraged by his current status, begins his attack.

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Pretty good, but it should be longer. There’s also a few grammatical and continuity errors.

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Gonna continue this.