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I added some new changes to First Generation Godzilla’s profile

Gojiraboy (talkcontribs)

I brought back my earlier work as well as adding some fresh intel. Most of my work was some information for “Intelligence”, so i had some examples to offer in other words. When I finished editing and tried to save my work, there was an edit conflict thing. I had it resolved, but when i got back to the profile, all my hard work is not there and i can’t recover it. I spent minutes typing these details from the film, so it hurts that this happened.

Les (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately, the additions were not saved. The reason I reverted your edits is because you repeatedly undid Astounding Beyond Belief's, which was not necessary. All that needed to be done was starting a new edit that re-added the Intelligence heading. I apologize, but please be mindful of keeping prior revisions intact when adding information.

Gojiraboy (talkcontribs)