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Giant Monster
The Giant Monster from Colossal
Species Reptilian Manifestation
Controlled by Gloria
Allies Gloria
Enemies Oscar, Giant Robot
Created by Nacho Vigalondo
Portrayed by CGI
First appearance Colossal

The Giant Monster is a kaiju that appears in the 2017 film Colossal.


The Giant Monster is not referred to by any particular name in the film.


The Giant Monster is a semi-humanoid reptilian creature possessing scaly green and yellow skin and a tanish underbelly. Other areas of the body, such as its arms and legs, appear similar to tree bark. It has a short stumpy tail, elephantine feet, and humanoid hands. The creature's head is adorned with a crest with smaller horns jutting out. The face is vaguely frog-like in appearance and shaped in a perpetual frown, with brownish, human-like eyes and a mouth full of jagged teeth. The arms and legs are long and skinny and have dull spikes protruding from them, with small holes in the lower wrists. The chest features multiple plank-like structures jutting out from the sides that wrap around the creature's torso to its back, which has a deep groove in it and scaly armor running from its neck to its tail.


After Gloria and an almost identical toy owned by her were struck by lighting. The creature appears in the South Korean city of Seoul only to be seen by a few who managed to snag a low quality picture. The creature then presumably vanished as soon as it appeared. 25 years later, the creature reappears, this time leaving a wake of destruction in it's path and to be caught on film which would later appear on multiple news outlets, only to vanish once more. The creature now constantly appears every night at the same time and and place.

It appears to be mimicking every movement that Gloria does whenever she stumbles into a playground. It is later discovered the creature is being controlled by Gloria. Upon this discovery, Gloria, alongside others go to the playground to show them this newfound power by making the creature dance and wave. The military then fires at the creature with helicopter missiles only to cause a slight pain to Gloria. She responds to this by swinging air punches which the creature mimics. One of the punches accidentally causes one of the helicopters to crash on the creatures head causing a reaction from her as well, which causes her to panic. She then quickly turns around after hearing the shocked response of her friends only to fall over which causes the creature to collapse and presumably killing more civilians by mistake. Later, it is found out that a giant robot (who is controlled by Oscar) has also appeared alongside the creature. It later shows up once again only to send a message to the city of Seoul "I'm sorry it was a mistake it wont happen again".

After discovering the robot has reappeared, Gloria confronts Oscar, slapping him and telling him to leave, causing the monster to smack the robot prompting it to leave. As an act of vengeance, Oscar returns to the playground to challenge Gloria in a fight causing the two creatures to battle causing collateral damage and more lives to be lost. Later, the two fight once more only this time Oscar overpowering Gloria and sending the robot on an offscreen rampage. As a last attempt, Gloria goes to Seoul to stop Oscar's carnage once and for all by prompting the monster to show up in the small hometown. The creature then picks up Oscar causing the robot to levitate. It then lets out a howling roar which causes Oscar to beg for life, only to spew obscenities at her prompting her to kill him by throwing him causing the robot to fly off and dematerialize. The monster then vanishes in a puft of storm-clouds just as it came.


When Gloria steps into a certain [dimensions] space in her hometown from [time] AM to [time] AM, the Giant Monster materializes via localized stormcloud in a section of Seoul, South Korea. If she is present in that section of Seoul from [adjust for time zones], it will appear in her hometown. During this period, the Giant Monster mimics her movements precisely. She shares its pain, as demonstrated when a helicopter fired a missile at it, although conventional weapons appear to have little effect on it. Gloria eventually demonstrates incredible precision in controlling it, able to pick up the Giant Robot in Seoul as the Giant Monster picks up Oscar in her hometown.


  • Writer-director Nacho Vigalondo cited Pulgasari as an influence on the Giant Monster's design.[1]


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