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Species Robotic manifestation

Controlled by: Oscar

allies: Oscar

Enemies. Gloria,Giant monster

Created by:Nacho Vigalondo

Portrayed CGI

first appearance Colossal


Like the Giant Monster the Giant Robot is not referred to by any particular name in the film.


The Giant robot is a bulky humanoid robot with a crimson gunmetal color. It possesses a cube like head with six wing like antenna that end in red lights, A large cycloptic glass eye with a red light in the center that can change size similar to the lenses of a camera and three rectangular shaped creases on the lower part of its face.

As well as two segmented wing like structures on its back but do not provide the ability for flight. it has flat large feet as well as well as large hands and appears to have a slightly visible robotic endoskeleton with notable joints and pistons and prominent red white and blue lights throughout its body.


After Gloria begun to panic over a helicopter crashing into her creatures head Oscar steps onto the playground in a attempt to assist her off of the soil as soon as he steps onto the soil which causes a loud shocked verbal reaction from Oscars friends as they witness a Giant Robot has appeared alongside the monster (which would be seen later onscreen) The reactions prompt Gloria to turn around only to lose balance and fall over causing the creature to fall offscreen. As she wakes up in distress of seeing television news showing more destruction caused by her Oscar shows up at her house to bring her a newspaper that reveals that a giant robot has appeared alongside the monster which is quickly found out to be controlled by Oscar After Gloria sends a forgiveness message to Seoul the Giant Robot appears again taunting the business district of Seoul.Gloria returns to the playground to ward Oscar away to prevent more potential destruction and casualties. After Oscar mocks Gloria she approaches him to tell him to leave only for Oscar to refuse Gloria slaps Oscar which prompts the monster to do the same to the robot. Oscar then leaves taken the robot with him only to feel humiliated after watching an edited clip of the incident that went viral. he then returns to the playground to challenge Gloria to a fight causing the Monster and Robot to battle which causes more collateral damage and lost of is later revealed that Oscar and a nearly identical toy robot where struck by lightning the same day Gloria and the monster toy were struck also but for unknown reasons the robot did not appear alongside the monster 25 years prior. After this revelation Oscar and Gloria fight once more in the playground only for Oscar to overpower Gloria and send the robot on an offscreen rampage Gloria in a last attempt to stop Oscars rampage flies to Seoul where the Giant robot materializes once again Gloria approches the Robot as it prepares to stomp on a child only for it to wobble prompting Oscar to look around to find the source of a sudden rumble in the area only to find out the Giant Monster has appeared before Him as it looks down at him in anger and disgust the Robot runs away Gloria leans down which Prompts the monster to snag Oscar causing the robot to seemingly levitate as Oscar begs for life only shortly spew profanities. Afterwords the monster flings him to his death causing the Robot to fly off and dematerialize far in the distance.


When Oscar steps into a certain [dimensions] space in his hometown from [time] AM to [time] AM, the Giant Robot materializes via localized stormcloud in a section of Seoul. During this period, the Giant Robot mimics his movements precisely.Due to Oscar being physically stronger than Gloria the Giant Robot overpowers the Monster in a fight being able to do feats such as being able to slam the monster to the ground


  • The robots design on the newspaper seems quite different from the actual CG model in the film as well as the giant monster.

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