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Genocide Jaguar
Test Image.png
Alternate names Female Android
Species Android (formerly)
Giant Robot
Forms Android
Genocide Jaguar
Relations Unnamed Scientist (Creator)
G-Force (friends)
Allies G-Force
Enemies Godzilla
Planned for Godzilla vs. Cyber City
Concept history VaranGenocide JaguarGhost GodzillaBaraguirusChaosBaganJunior GodzillaDeep-Sea LifeBio MonsterSuper Nuked Godzilla → Lambda → BarubaroiDestoroyah

Genocide Jaguar is unnmade mecha planned for Godzilla vs. Cyber City [1]


When Yo Nakano was creating the name, the beginning of "Jet" (ジェ - Je) and "Genocide" (ジェ - Ge) have the same Japanese characters and pronunciation, so Yo Nakano thought the abbreviations would also turn out the same. He was shocked when he doubled checked the words.


Initially Genocide Jaguar started off as a female android described to have a human like appearance but not specifically what it looked like.

After transferring to a Giant Robot body dubbed Genocide Jaguar it is unknown what it looked like but probably be large enough combat Godzilla.

While concept art existed that was sent to Toho none it has yet surfaced.



Technology Control

She is able to control any of Rossum’s machinery and weaponry which she used to fight off Godzilla

Consciousness Transfer

She is able to transfer her program and conscious from her Female Android Body to her Genocide Jaguar body.


She was forced to sacrifice herself by lockingdown the city which plunges the city and herself into the darkness underground in order to stop Godzilla


Godzilla vs. Cyber City

Starting out as a Female Android created by the lead scientist for Rossum City project to defeat Godzilla once and for all. However the lead scientist didn’t want her to fight Godzilla so he let her A.I go out of control which lead to her creator disappearing with her.

In the present day when G-Force was sent to Rossum to use it’s weaponry and technology against Godzilla they would end up befriending her and revealed what happened including how she she can’t go against her creator not to activate the city. Eventually she went against it and merged with the city’s A.I and brought it online.

She would loose her android form and build a giant robot body named Genocide Jaguar to combat Godzilla. While her friends were distraught over her change in personality she still retained her humanity.

She would fixated on ending Godzilla once and for all as she unleashed the city’s entire weaponry on the King of the Monsters while she combats Godzilla.

She ultimately sacrifices herself to stop Godzilla once and for all by locking down the city that plunges it, herself and Godzilla into the underground darkness. However it would be in vain as Godzilla survived and would eventually return.


  • It is unknown what is the Female Andriod name is but would probably gotten one had plan been developed more


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