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Godzilla incarnations
Godzilla (Heisei)
Godzilla (Get Going! Godzilland)
Godzilla (TriStar)
Godzilla trademark icon
Godzilla® (Get Going! Godzilland)
Godzilla smiling
Godzilla cooking pancakes
Alternate names Gojira, Gojira-kun
Species Irradiated Godzillasaurus
Forms Child, Adult
Relations 'Big Sister', Gojirin (Love interest)
Allies Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, Baragon, King Ghidorah, Gojirin, Mechagodzilla
Enemies Mechagodzilla (at first)
First appearance Get Going! Godzilland

Godzilla (ゴジラ,   Gojira) is a juvenile monster who appears in Gakken's educational Get Going! Godzilland animated specials.


Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ), comes from a combination of the Japanese approximation of "gorilla" (ゴリラ gorira), and kujira (クジラ), the Japanese word for "whale." The name is said to have been chosen to represent the size and strength of both animals. Contrary to popular belief, the English name "Godzilla" was not invented by the American distributors of the original film. Before Toho sold the film to U.S. distributors, the company's international division had originally marketed English-subtitled prints of the film under the title of Godzilla, which were shown briefly in Japanese-American theaters. Toho themselves had decided on "Godzilla" as the English transliteration of Gojira. According to the 2002 book Since Godzilla, the English name "Godzilla" produces connotations such as the words "God," "lizard," and "gorilla." The word "God" is applicable to Godzilla because of his immense size and destructive power, which causes him to be seen as a god by some, "lizard" is applicable due to his reptilian appearance and ties to the time of the dinosaurs, and "gorilla" is applicable due to his strength and his creation having been inspired by the famous gorilla-like giant monster King Kong. "Godzilla" may be approximated into Japanese as ガッズィラ (Gazzira) or ガッズィーラ (Gazzīra).


This Godzilla is portrayed in a super-deformed or "chibi" style, with a very short rounded body with no defined neck and a very large head and eyes. He is entirely green in color, with his dorsal fins being a lighter shade of green than the rest of his body.

In the addition and subtraction OVAs, there are live-action scenes featuring the now-adult Godzilla interacting with a human woman he calls his "big sister" and telling her about his childhood, represented through the animated segments.

At both ages, Godzilla’s appearance seems to be based on the GhidoGoji design, however there are certain differences on the Adult design. His entire figure is very flimsy and pudgy in comparison, his arms are relatively shorter and thicker, and his skin has a smoother texture.


This Godzilla is depicted as a childish monster with a short temper, which often causes him to get into fights with his best friend, Anguirus. However, Godzilla is shown to care about Anguirus and his other friends, and he is usually able to overcome any disputes with them. In the addition and subtraction OVAs, Godzilla is shown to have strong feelings for a pink female member of his species named Gojirin. Godzilla frequently tries to impress Gojirin and win her affections, but often does so clumsily, such as leaving her flowers in her bedroom that he had previously stolen from her garden. Both Anguirus and Baragon try to win Gojirin's affections as well, producing some conflict between them. Godzilla and his friends are shown to respect Mothra, who acts as an adult figure to them and often tries to mediate conflicts between them.

Another trait this Godzilla exhibits is his tendency to eat a lot of food and not share it with others. This is demonstrated when he tries to get food for Gojirin but ends up eating most of it himself, as well as when he eats the pancakes his sister is making during one of the live-action segments. This Godzilla is also very clumsy and prone to accidents, as he frequently injures himself in each episode.


Get Going! Godzilland

"You Can Read! You Can Write! Hiragana"

While practicing his atomic breath, Godzilla accidentally gets burned by firing it in front of one of the letters Mothra was dropping at the monsters to get them to eat her strawberries. Just like Anguirus, Godzilla was unable to read his letter due to not knowing how to read. After encountering Anguirus and getting in a fight, both ended up where the others were eating strawberries. Godzilla and Anguirus were shocked when they realized Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Baragon ate their share of strawberries, and then confessed they couldn't read. Ghidorah offered to teach Godzilla hiragana, so him and Anguirus decided to do so.

"You Can Count! Counting 1-2-3!"

While Anguirus prepared tea for Godzilla's birthday party, Godzilla noticed movement underground while walking along the beach. When he caught it, it was revealed to be Baragon, who was approaching Anguirus's place for the party. When told about it, Godzilla also expressed excitement for the event. A worried Mothra flew over them, also looking forward to it. At the party, Anguirus started handing everyone cupcakes, but gave the last one to Rodan instead of Godzilla. Godzilla was angered over this and started crying due to it being his birthday party. Anguirus then noticed his mistake and became sad also, but due to already being worried about it, Mothra assured Anguirus that she brought three extra cake slices. Now with eight cakes, each monsters had their own (Ghidorah needing three for each head), and they all started eating them. Godzilla asked Mothra to teach them to count, then they all learned counting.

"Let's Play with Godzilla! Addition"

Godzilla prepared pancakes for him and his older sister. When she noticed the number of pancakes, Godzilla told her a story of his childhood. He recalled geting in a fight with Anguirus because the latter bit his tail, while Mechagodzilla watched. Some time later, Godzilla walked through the forest and found Gojirin. He started telling her how "heartless" Anguirus was, only to realize he started the scrap by biting Anguirus's leg. Afterwards, Baragon notified Godzilla and Gojirin that Mechagodzilla was trying to kidnap Anguirus. Godzilla tried fire his atomic breath, but couldn't, since he had an empty stomach. Mechagodzilla took Anguirus to a volcano, as Godzilla, Gojirin, Baragon, and Mothra looked on. As Gojirin confessed to being hungry, the friends decided to gather some food to get Godzilla and Gojirin prepared to confront Mechagodzilla. After the monsters gathered the fruit, they summed it up, and Godzilla ate it up. They gathered more food, which Gojirin ate. The monsters then learned addition, with Rodan showing up and turning into a plus sign. Later on, Godzilla and the others found a colony of ants blocking their path. They got into an argument, until the friends realized the ants didn't let them pass because they were standing in their flower yard. They apologized and moved on to the volcano where Mechagodzilla had hid. The machine forced them to take part in a quiz show; where Godzilla, Gojirin, and Baragon answered all three addition questions right, Mechagodzilla reluctantly freed Anguirus. Back in the present, Godzilla and his sister ate all the pancakes.

"Let's Play with Godzilla! Subtraction"

Godzilla and his big sister prepared six cupcakes and four strawberries. Godzilla pointed out that they are two strawberries short, as 6-2=4. His big sister congratulated him and then brought up his past girlfriend Gojirin. Godzilla recalled that she was popular amongst the monsters of Godzilland; when asked to tell her more, he said that she was nice and liked fruit. In a flashback, a young Godzilla walked along with oranges in his hands, which he wanted to share with Gojirin. He offered them to her while she was watering her flowers, but she instead ate them all in one bite. Later, Godzilla walked along with five oranges like last time. When Mothra approached him, Godzilla told her the problem, so then they learned subtraction. Godzilla and friends decide to all celebrate Gojrin's birthday. Anguirus arrives late and handed Gojirin a basket containing 5 apples, which Godzilla and Baragon took as a challenge. When Anguirus told Gojirin about how he picked five apples just for her, Godzilla arrived with five apples. Mothra then compared the number of apples they have using subtraction. Gojirin ended up with a pile of apples, but said she wont be able to eat them all, causing them all to laugh. While Gojirin was sleeping in her room, Godzilla adds three more flowers to her porch; Gojirin then noticed that her garden was missing flowers and angrily chased him around. Godzilla and friends then started singing about subtraction. Back in the present day, Godzilla's sister asked him if he was still close with Gojirin, to which Godzilla responded "Of course." When they prepared to eat the cakes, his sister asked him to tell her more, resulting in Godzilla falling back from embarrassment. In another flashback, while Godzilla and Anguirus were surfing, Rodan told them that Mechagodzilla was trying to abduct Gojirin. Godzilla and his Ankylosaurus buddy arrive on the scene. Mechagodzilla challenged them to a subtraction-themed game show. Godzilla and Anguirus answered all questions correctly and win the game show, freeing Gojirin. Godzilla and friends then started singing about subtraction again while playing jump-rope. Mechagodzilla returned and asked them if he could play with them; they forgave him and agreed.


Atomic Breath

Even as a child, this incarnation of Godzilla is able to spit a blast of atomic fire from his mouth, much like the Godzilla's from the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla show and Marvel Comics' Godzilla comic. In the opening to the addition and subtraction episodes, Godzilla was depicted blowing up a chunk of the moon with his atomic breath.


This version of Godzilla does not roar, but rather speaks Japanese. The child Godzilla in the animated segments is voiced by actress Yuko Mita, while the adult Godzilla in the live-action segments is voiced by actor Naoki Bando.



  • This is the first incarnation of Godzilla to be portrayed by a woman in any capacity, being voiced by actress Yuko Mita in the animated segments, with the others also being young versions of the character, Godzilla-kun in the web series Godziban, voiced by actress Yumiko Takahashi, and Chibi Godzilla in the web series I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla, voiced by actress Serika Hiromatsu.
  • This Godzilla is portrayed as being green and breathing fire, a stereotype often perpetuated in American media while Godzilla is traditionally depicted as being charcoal gray and breathing a blue atomic beam in Japanese media.
  • This incarnation of Godzilla is heavily based on the Godzilla seen in Bandai's 1984 Godzilland Merchandise Line and Toho's 1993 promotional television show Adventure! Godzilland 2.


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