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A Monarch profile on the Vinestrangler in Skull Island: Archives
Species Vitis Strangulari
Length 9-12 feet
Enemies Humans
First appearance "Skull Island: Archives"

The Vinestrangler is a predatory insect monster profiled in "Skull Island: Archives," a featurette included on home video releases of the 2017 Legendary Pictures film Kong: Skull Island. It was one of several monsters conceptualized for the film, but did not make it into the film itself. Like the Death Jackal, Psychovulture, Sirenjaw, Magma Turtle, Swamp Locust, and Icarus Tigris, the Vinestrangler was conceptualized for the film but did not make it in. However, while most of the unused creatures were featured in the film's official tie-in comic series Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, neither the Vinestrangler nor Icarus Tigris have yet made an official appearance outside of "Skull Island: Archives" and The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island.


The Vinestrangler is named after its resemblance to vines and its preferred mode of attack.


The Vinestrangler is a slender insect which uses dozens of tentacles to drag prey into its massive maw.


The Vinestrangler is most active during dawn and dusk.



The Vinestrangler blends into the trees where it dwells, to the point that its Monarch profile noted that "initial findings have been inconclusive as to where the Vinestrangler ends and the tree begins."


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