"What's Up, Croc?"

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Skull Island episodes
"The Last Blank Space on the Map"
"What's Up, Croc?"
"Breakfast Fit for a Kong"
"What's Up, Croc?"
"What's Up, Croc?" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 3
Directed by Danny Araya
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"What's Up, Croc?" is the third episode of Skull Island. Directed by Danny Araya, it premiered on Netflix alongside the rest of the series on June 22, 2023.


Charlie and Mike flee through the woods, trying to figure out the identity of the creature that attacked the mercenaries and what Annie's fate was after it threw her into the air. Mike realizes that Charlie has a crush on Annie; just then, one of the mercenaries finds them and they briefly scuffle. Upon hearing the creature's growl, they break off their fight and hide in the bushes. The mercenary explains that it can't be hurt by bullets, killed six of his comrades on the "other island", and pursued them to come to Annie's rescue. Charlie realizes with shock that it's essentially her dog. As it draws closer, he runs into a river, only to be attacked and eaten by a giant crocodile. Mike and Charlie freeze in place as it approaches the shore, then break for the river. The crocodile gives chase, but remains on land, swiping at them repeatedly as the strong current carries them along. Charlie realizes its tactics are the result of an approaching waterfall, but the duo is unable to swim to shore before they plummet off it. The crocodile watches them from a rock atop the waterfall and disappears from sight. They let out a cheer, believing it to have given up, only for it to gracefully dive down and resume its pursuit. Just before it can reach them, however, Kong snatches it out of the water and eats it in a single bite. As he walks away, he generates a wave washing them ashore. Annie, riding atop her dog, finds them lying there.

Irene's mercenaries find the still-living mercenary who confronted the kids and remove the spear from his leg. Cap recognizes it, and learns from him that both Mike and Charlie are still alive. Irene and her right-hand man Sam both react negatively when he threatens to kill Annie, causing him to recant and restate their mission to return her to the United States unharmed. They leave to rendezvous with the helicopter Irene has dispatched to the island, believing it can kill the sea monster that shipwrecked them. She tries to pump Cap for information at gunpoint, but he responds that he doesn't mind helping her regardless, since her group is their best chance of surviving the island. He shares with her a theory that a fountain, or something else, on this island is the source of the strange creatures and occurrences within 50 to 100 miles of it. She insists that she didn't kidnap Annie when he asks, although she refuses to explain her interest in the girl. Finding the leg of the mercenary killed by the crocodile, they mistake it for the work of her dog.

Mike finally reveals to an outraged Charlie that Irene and her group originally hired Once Upon a Maritime and several other ships to find islands in the area. Though initially unaware that any existed, he learned of Skull Island through the ex-military contact who sold him the map. He adds that part of their motivation in taking the job was to go on one last adventure with Charlie before he went to college. He apologizes, and Charlie forgives him. They resolve to escape from the island on a raft with Cap, and follow the dog, who has grown bored of their conversation, back into the woods.

Irene and Cap's group venture through tall orange grass, encountering a large but harmless hedgehog who sports the same grass on its back. They find a clearing where the grass has been flattened by wind, foreshadowing an attack by a monstrous hawk who flies off with the mercenary Annie stabbed. As Mike rests, Charlie tries to learn more about Annie. She tells him that her dog is simply named "Dog", doesn't know why Irene is trying to capture her, rescued Cap during the sea monster's attack, and had lived on the other island for a long time, long enough to not know how old she is. Dog ends the conversation by staring Charlie down.

The helicopter approaches the island, but Irene and Cap's group can only watch in horror as the sea monster pulls it apart with its tentacles. Irene focuses herself while staring at the hawk's clearing and comes up with a plan: use the tracking device in Annie's handcuffs, which they can now detect with their recently-repaired tracker, to locate her and Dog, then draw her deadly pet into the hawk's territory. She's also resolved to kill the sea monster, although she admits she hasn't figured out a way to do so yet.

Charlie watches Kong from a distance, feeling the ground shake with his footfalls. Annie offers to let him and Mike join her hunt for breakfast. As Mike rises, he realizes his wound is getting worse, but hides it from Charlie.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

Japanese dub

German dub

  • Malte Wetzel   as   Charlie
  • Zina Laus   as   Annie
  • Sebastian Kempf   as   Mike
  • Mike Carl   as   Cap
  • Angela Wiederhut   as   Irene
  • René Oltmanns
  • Gerhard Jilka
  • Julia Leye
  • Ole Pfennig
  • Andreas Thiele

Spanish dub

  • Ditter Ruiz   as   Charlie
  • Montserrat Aguilar   as   Annie
  • Emmanuel Bernal   as   Mike
  • Andrés García   as   Cap
  • Dulce Chino   as   Irene Smith
  • Manuel Pérez   as   Sam
  • Rolando de la Fuente

Castilian Spanish dub

  • Iván Priego   as   Charlie
  • Irene Miras   as   Annie
  • Masumi Mutsuda   as   Mike
  • José García Tos   as   Cap
  • Maribel Pomar   as   Irene
  • Francesc Belda   as   Sam

French dub

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Maxime Baudouin   as   Charlie
  • Laure Filiu   as   Annie
  • Adrien Larmande   as   Mike
  • Guillaume Orsat   as   Cap
  • Barbara Beretta   as   Irene
  • Guillaume Bourboulon   as   glasses merc
  • Jean-Baptiste Anoumon
  • Stéphane Bazin
  • Matthieu Albertini
  • Meaghan Dendraël

Hungarian dub

  • Gereben Nagy   as   Charlie
  • Andrea Laudon   as   Annie
  • Ágoston Kenéz   as   Mike
  • Victor Posta   as   Cap
  • Veronika Nádasi   as   Irene
  • Tamás Pál   as   Sam
  • Márton Fehérváry
  • Miklós Kapácsy
  • Bertalan Hám
  • Balázs Balda
  • Virág Alma Pájer

Portuguese dub

  • Cadu Paschoal   as   Charlie
  • Jeane Marie   as   Annie
  • Pablo Argôllo   as   Mike
  • Mauro Horta   as   Cap
  • Jessica Dannemann   as   Irene
  • Vinícius Barros   as   Sam
  • Carolina Godinho
  • Daniel Simões
  • Marcio Dondi
  • Silvio Gonzalez




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