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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

In Wikizilla, there may be articles that need sources added to parts of them. Usually when the [citation needed] tag is present, the sentence before it is posted within an article, but there's not a reference that supports that anywhere around it.

When to use citations

Things that are common knowledge do not need to have citations--however, the amount of things that are common knowledge is very low, so most things should have references attached to prove the validity of the statements said in the website.

Things such as unmade films or monsters, or news or upcoming information should ALWAYS have references. Things that are especially hard to believe, such as Hedorah's eyes being based off women's private parts (which is true by the way -- scroll down to Godzilla vs. Hedorah) NEED RELIABLE sources, otherwise it sounds so unbelievable that it will be removed and you may even be blocked for vandalism.

What counts as a valid source?

Reliable sources are things such as:

  • Official books (like The Official Godzilla Compendium or Shinji Nishikawa: Drawing Book of Godzilla, or official strategy guides or booklets).
  • A direct screenshot or scan (such as citing a sentence in the The Godzilla Comic page with an actual photo of what's being talked about in the book itself as proof, or citing a sentence in Godzilla: The Series with a screenshot of what's being talked about).
  • Home releases and special features.
  • Official websites (such as Eventually these kinds of sites disappear from the internet, so it's always good to save a web page using the Internet Archive.
  • Legitimate news organizations such as CNN, or legitimate entertainment news sites/magazines such as Variety.
  • Reputable websites, such as SciFi Japan.
  • Official social media accounts (be wary of these! Make sure they are the REAL official pages).
  • Interviews with relevant people. For example, an interview with what the director of a movie/artist of a comic/suit actor/etc. where the person gives facts about the thing they worked with, and NOT an interview where this same person his opinion on something they had nothing to do with, like a comic artist saying their opinion on a film they had no involvement with.
  • First hand video or photos. For example, videos or images from the set of Godzilla: King of the Monsters that are confirmed to be legitimate.

What doesn't count as a valid source?

While anything hosted on these may not be necessarily false, many times, a lot of things are indeed fake rumors and fabrications.

  • Fan websites. In and of themselves, fan websites are not guaranteed to be correct. If something said in a fansite has a reliable source attached, then it's better to use that source than to use the fansite. Examples of fansites include Kaijuphile, The American Godzilla Wiki, and even anything that is unsourced in Wikipedia (and even then, Wikipedia can have "sources" attached to false information). Toho Kingdom is also not an official site, though the vast majority of content held on there is either sourced or directly taken from the movies/comics/DVDs and so on, and therefore is true; however, don't take everything in there as a fact straight up. This applies to all fansites.
  • Blogs or things of similar nature (that aren't official/made by 'official' persons), such as random DeviantART posts, random forum posts, random YouTube videos, or random Facebook posts.
  • Unreliable websites such as or others.
  • Joke websites (which should go without saying...)

List of pages that need sources

There are 197 pages that need sources. They can be found in this category page.