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The suffix -ra (ラ) is common in kaiju names, whether they be monsters who have appeared in film, television, or other forms of media such as comic books. The following is a list of such monsters, separated by the form of media they appeared in.

However, it should be noted that not every "ra" ending in every monster name comes from this suffix. For example, although Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira, ends in "ra," the "ra" in its name comes from both kujira and gorira. However, names whose "ra" ending are not necessarily associated with the suffix are nonetheless included on this list.



Books, Comics, and Manga

  • Bagorah (Bagorā in Japanese)
  • Cokra
  • Flying Ebirah (Furaingu Ebira in Japanese—actual name origin Furaingu [Flying] + Ebira [Ebirah])
  • Harinezura
  • King Godzilla (Kingu Gojira in Japanese—actual name origin: Kingu [King] + Gojira [Godzilla])

Video Games



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