Amy Kwan

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Netflix Character
Amy in Kong: King of the Apes
Amy Kwan
Species Human
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Veterinarian
Related to Danny Kwan (Brother)
First appearance The Adventure Begins
Played by Shannon Chan-Kent

Amy Kwan is a protagonist in the 2016 American kaiju show, Kong: King of the Apes.


Kong: King of the Apes

The Adventure Begins

Amy arrives on Alcatraz island with her brother Danny Kwan, with hopes of becoming King Kong's veterinarian. They are then allowed to stay, because Dr. Leo Remy was looking for a veterinarian for Kong. She later helps to retrieve some kidnapped Ligers from a military base, but they are all framed for the theft of weapons from it by Richard Remy.

Snake in the Grass

Amy used her veterinary expertise to remove the Biono-bot upgrades from the Giant Anaconda, before Lukas Remy and Doug Jones returned it to the wild.

Kong in 3D

Amy is present while the team confronts Kong about some sightings of him attacking Alcatraz Island, and then remains at the base for the remainder of the episode.

Poacher's Prize

Amy disables the "Biono-tech" in three cloned Ligers that the team liberated from Richard before they were relocated to live with a population of male tigers.

King's Ransom

On the way to a neutral location with supplies for Lukas and the team, Amy was kidnapped by Biono-bots and taken hostage. She was then interrogated by Richard Remy to learn the location of Lukas and Kong's hideout. When Amy resisted him, he attempted to seduce her, much to Botila's disapproval. The team eventually broke into Richard's facility and found a clue that Amy left for them. When they find her, Botila allows them to escape out of jealousy, but placed a tracking device on her collar.

Little Bots, Big Problems

Danny caught Amy up on their search for her, and the team discovered the tracking device, which Amy and Doug then take to China and place it on a duck. The two then spend the rest of the episode at Amy's grandmother's house.

Kong on Ice

Amy, Danny, and Kong sneak onto Alcatraz Island in order to rescue a baby seal. After they got it to safety, they traveled to the Arctic Circle to respond to a distress signal they had received from Doug Jones. When they arrive, they find Richard preparing to murder Lukas, but his lase malfunctions, and Lukas defeats him. Kong destroys the Biono-bots, and they all return to the base.


Amy visits the base in the forest after a successful mission by Lukas and Doug.


After Lukas becomes infected by Robosquitoes, Amy takes the team to West Africa in order to find African Mosquitoes with which to synthesize an antidote. SHe and Doug Jones then return to San Francisco to administer it to the other infected individuals.


Amy begins to fear for her brother's safety when a West African volcano becomes active. She then sheds tears as he appears to be murdered on national TV by Richard Remy, who pushed him, Lukas, and Francisca into the volcano.



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