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A group of Atrox
Leader Atrox General
Pawns Buraki, Bulco, Shaconne, Dawdler
Enemies Humanity
First appearance D-War
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The Atrox are an enigmatic army of red-eyed humanoids that sought to destroy the Earth with the power of the Celestial Dragon in the 2007 film, D-War.

History[edit | edit source]

D-War[edit | edit source]

The Atrox are an unexplained faction of red-eyed humanoids bent on obtaining the Yuh Yi Joo, and giving its power to the dark Imoogi Buraki to make him a Celestial Dragon, and use his power to destroy the world. In 1507, the Atrox attacked the city of Lord Yun in search of the girl in whom the Yuh Yi Joo was hidden. They attacked with an army of footsoldiers, Shaconnes, Dawdlers, and Bulcos, and quickly overtook the city and began searching for the girl with the Mark of the Red Dragon, who turned out to be Yun's daughter Narin. However, before they could sacrifice her to release the Yuh Yi Joo, she killed herself, taking the Yuh Yi Joo with her for the next 500 years. In 2007, Narin Yun's reincarnation Sarah Daniels turned 20, and was thus ready for the Yuh Yi Joo to be harvested, and the Atrox began their search of Silver Lake California to find her. The Atrox General invaded the dreams of the Warrior of Heaven, Ethan Kendrick to learn her location, and on receiving it, they sent Buraki after her. They then raided an antique shop operated by the reincarnation of the Warrior of Heaven's mentor to retrieve their magic scrolls, from which they summoned their monsters Dawdler and the others to lay siege to the city. As Kendrick and Daniels attempted to flee the country, they were captured and taken to the realm of the Atrox, where they strapped her to a sacrificial altar in front of a gigantic temple housing Buraki. However,Kendrick broke free and used the power of his amulet to disintegrate the entire Atrox forces, save for the General who continued the fight, but was ultimately defeated.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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