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The Bloodthirsty Trilogy (血を吸うシリーズ,   Chi o Sū Shirīzu, lit. Bloodsucking Series) is a trilogy of tokusatsu horror films produced by Toho and directed by Michio Yamamoto from 1970 to 1974. While the films do not share continuity, their plots all revolve around vampires and feature an amount of gore and bloodshed uncharacteristic for Toho films at the time. The Bloodthirsty Trilogy was inspired by the success of Hammer Films' Dracula films which began in the late 1950s, and borrowed their style of Gothic horror and fanged and feral depiction of vampires, as well as their liberal use of blood. Likewise, the second and third films' English titles evoke the Hammer Dracula films, including Dracula's name despite the titular Count not appearing in either of them. Aside from being directed by Yamamoto, all three films share many staff members, including producer Fumio Tanaka, writer Ei Ogawa, and uncredited director of special effects Teruyoshi Nakano. The second and third entries of the trilogy, Lake of Dracula and Evil of Dracula, both starred actor Shin Kishida as the vampire, earning him a reputation as the "Japanese Christopher Lee."

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