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Image gallery for Buraki

Buraki in D-War
Alternate names The Dark Imoogi
Subtitle(s) The Mighty
Species Imoogi
Controlled by Atrox
Allies Bulco, Shaconne, Dawdler
Enemies Good Imoogi/Celestial Dragon,
Ethan Kendrick
First appearance D-War
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Buraki (부라퀴,   Bulakwi) was the name given to a dark Imoogi controlled by the Atrox in an attempt to destroy the Earth by gaining control of the Yuh Yi Joo, a power from heaven. Although they are based on Korean folk tales, their film debut was in 2007's D-War a South Korean-American joint project.

Origins[edit | edit source]

In the distant past, Imoogis lived with their followers in the heavens, and every 500 years, one such Imoogi was given the Yuh Yi Joo to become a Celestial Dragon. Kind Imoogis would use this power to become a guardian of the universe, while wicked ones would try to destroy the world. The one evil Imoogi, named Buraki, and his followers coveted the Yuh Yi Joo, and in 1507 the Heavens decided to keep it from him by hiding it away on Earth, and protecting it with their best warriors. However, it was hidden inside Narin, the infant daughter of Lord Yun in Korea, and would become fully formed inside her in 20 years. However Buraki learned of this, and knew that when the Yuh Yi Joo was ready, her sacrifice would allow any Imoogi that possessed her to become the Celestial Dragon. However, the Good Imoogi, selected by Heaven to merge with the Yuh Yi Joo, was living with Haram’s master Bochun in preparation for the day he would merge to stop Buraki.

History[edit | edit source]

D-War[edit | edit source]

Buraki began his modern-day search at a Southern California zoo, where he ate several elephants before scaring the wits out of the night guard, and moving on to Daniels' house, where he did not find Sarah, but ate her friends who were there to collect her things. It finally tracked her to St. George’s hospital, where it rested atop the building before jamming its head through the wall and snaking through the parking garage in an attempt to get at the fleeing Yuh Yi Joo. However, the U.S. Military found Buraki’s cave, and tried to attack him, but he chased them out into an ambush of Atrox soldiers. He then tracked Sarah to a house in Silver Lake, which he destroyed as they fled into the city. Buraki then chased them into the city, and coiled up the Liberty Building, and brought down the helicopter she was using to escape.

Before he could strike her down, military helicopters attacked, and despite his taking one out, he was overwhelmed and bombarded until he fell off of the building. Despite this, he was not dead, and hordes of flying Bulco came to attack the helicopters. In the Atrox’ realm, Buraki nearly succeeded, but the Good Imoogi came to stop him. After an evenly matched fight, Buraki claimed victory until Sarah unleashed the Yuh Yi Joo and tricked Buraki into thinking he would get it, and redirected it into the mouth of the Good Imoogi, who shortly burst through its former skin as the Celestial Dragon. Buraki latched onto the Dragon’s tail, allowing it to bite his throat, but he survived. The fight lasted until the Celestial Dragon shot a burst of fire directly into Buraki’s mouth, causing the serpent to disintegrate.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ブラキ Buraki Transcription of English name


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