Bye-Bye Jupiter (Soundtrack)

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Bye-Bye Jupiter
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Bye-Bye Jupiter Soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Year(s) released  ????
Composer Kentaro Haneda
# of tracks 12

The soundtrack of Bye-Bye Jupiter was composed by Kentaro Haneda.


  1. Toho Logo
  2. Main Theme
  3. Grim Reunion
  4. Approach to the Giant Red Spot
  5. Nazca Base Discovery
  6. Panic of Jupiter Beach
  7. Sayonara Jupiter (Jiro Sugita)
  8. Spaceship Group Standing By
  9. Carlos Completes the Blast Preparations
  10. Eiji's Death
  11. Last Rites of a Small Planet
  12. Voyager - Gravestone without a Date (Yumi Matsutoya) / VOYAGER

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