CJ Adams

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CJ Adams
CJ Adams and Bryan Cranston in an on-set photo for Godzilla
Character(s) played Young Ford Brody
Birthday April 6, 2000
Birthplace Rhode Island, United States
First work Dan in Real Life (2007)
Notable work Godzilla (2014)

Cameron John "CJ" Adams (CJ・アダムス,   CJ Adamusu) is an American actor. He portrays the young Ford Brody in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla.


Adams was born in Rhode Island. His movie career first picked up when he played the titular character of the 2012 feature live-action Disney film The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which earned him the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor Age Ten and Under. Previously, he had a role in the 2007 feature film Dan in Real Life. In 2014, he played the younger version of the film's main character, Ford Brody, in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla.

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