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Captain Emzin in Flying Saucer War Bankid
Captain Emzin
Alternate names Captain Emujin
Enemies Pegasus, Dragon, Rabbit, Ox, Swan
Portrayed by Shinji Ogawa (Voice)
First appearance Flying Saucer War Bankid Episode 4:
The Mystery of the Valauna-type Kidnapping

Captain Emzin (エムジン大尉,   Emujin Taī) is a captain kaijin created by Toho that first appears in episode 4 of the 1976 tokusatsu series, Flying Saucer War Bankid titled The Mystery of the Valauna-type Kidnapping.


Flying Saucer War Bankid

The Mystery of the Valauna-type Kidnapping


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22 months ago
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Looks like a strange purple tights-wearing bug-eyed trybrid of Neo Hedorah, Ibogilar, and Giringa.