Daikaiju Yuki

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Daikaiju Yuki
Daikaiju Yuki
Author(s) Raffael Coronelli
Publisher Raffael Coronelli
Publish date May 30, 2017
Genre Post-Apocalyptic
Epic Fantasy
ISBN 9780692876671

Daikaiju Yuki is an American post-apocalyptic epic fantasy kaiju novel written by Raffael Coronelli. It was first published on May 30, 2017.

The novel is set on a far future Earth, roughly five thousand years after a global nuclear holocaust and the appearance of daikaiju. It follows the character Yuki Tsubaki as she becomes the human host of the kaiju Narajin and embarks on a quest to gather the Pantheon Colossi, a group of five daikaiju around which the current civilization has built itself, to stop a world war.


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  • Pantheon Colossi
    • Narajin
    • Ganejin
    • Alkonoth
    • Jhalaragon
    • Mokwa
  • Unnamed humanoid kaiju
  • "The Gargoyle"
  • Mokwa's cubs

Human Characters

  • Yuki Tsubaki
  • Priestess Midori
  • Manvi/Manny
  • Ivan Breshkov
  • Yata
  • Chief Executive Frank Houston
  • Eiichi
  • Mrs. Tsubaki
  • Maharajah Baghavat Deva VII
  • Unnamed Avartan woman
  • Mokwa's host (Laurentian Army)


Map of Daikaiju Yuki's world, from the official website
  • Earth
    • Narai
      • Narai City
        • Temple of Narajin
      • Kiso Mountains
    • The Dead Lands
      • Old World city 1 (ruins)
    • Avarta
      • Capital City of Avarta
        • Palaces of Avarta
      • Grand Temple of Ganejin
      • Unnamed volcanic island
    • Pacific Ocean
      • Tarakona Trench
      • Laurentian Barrier
    • Tarakona
      • Big Islands of Tarakona
    • Laurentia
      • Unnamed military base/town
      • Laurentian Central Complex
      • Laurentian mountains
        • Nuclear laboratory bunker
      • Old World city 2 (ruins)
      • Mokwa's lake
        • Sleeping Bear Dunes


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