Ethan Kendrick

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Ethan Kendrick
Ethan as an adult
Ethan as a child
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Reporter,
Warrior of Heaven
Related to Unnamed father
Haram (previous incarnation)
First appearance D-War
Played by Jason Behr (adult)
Cody Arens (child)

Ethan Kendrick is the fictional human protagonist of the 2007 South Korean-American giant monster film D-War. He is the reincarnation of the warrior of Heaven, Haram.

History[edit | edit source]

D-War[edit | edit source]

Ethan Kendrick was a reporter for CGNN attempting to investigate a mysterious path of destruction in Los Angeles, when he saw the scale of the Imoogi, which brought back memories from 15 years prior. Ethan had accompanied his father to Jack’s Antiques, where he attempted to sell the man an heirloom dagger. As Ethan explored the antique shop, a box opened of its own accord, and penetrated the boy with bright light from the Imoogi scale within. Jack faked a heart attack and sent Ethan’s father to get help in order to explain to Ethan the Imoogi, and the “Light from Heaven” that had entered his body.

He told Ethan that he was the reincarnation of Haram, the warrior of Heaven that failed to stop the dark Imoogi Buraki 500 years ago, and that he, Jack, was his reincarnated teacher Bochun, before giving Ethan the pendant worn by Haram to signify his place as the guardian of the good Imoogi. He told Ethan that he was to find their Yuh Yi Joo, whose name was Sarah, and to take her to the Grand Cave on her 20th birthday. In present day, Ethan went to his friend Bruce to help search for the girl, but knew too little about her and came up blank. On falling asleep at his desk, Ethan dreamed of going to Jack’s, only for a mysterious man to confront him before the antiques came to life and startle him awake, only to find that his friend’s database of Sarah’s had only been narrowed down to 2700. A coworker then came in boasting about a big story, in which a girl named Sarah Daniels defeated three men in a fight, but Bruce, not believing his story of crystals and dragons, encouraged him to give up. However, they then got a call about a story at her address. There they learned that she had been taken during the night to St. George’s hospital, and arrived to be told that she was quarantined and unable to take visitors, but a doctor allowed him access on recognizing him as a news reporter. He got to Sarah, who tried to warn him of horrible things to come, but before they could discuss the Imoogi, Buraki attacked and they were forced to escape with it chasing them through the parking garage. While escaping, they hit the man from Ethan’s dream, who then got up and attacked them. Ethan then ran to get another car, hit the man again, and they drove off leaving Bruce behind. On the beach, they planned to visit Jack’s friend, a professor specializing in dreams before sharing a kiss, with Ethan knowing that she would have to die. There she had visions of the past that attracted Buraki, and they stole a pizza delivery car to escape and meet back with Bruce, whom Ethan had called to arrange for a helicopter. Bruce gave Ethan a gun, despite his hatred for them, and Ethan decided that he had to change the Yuh Yi Joo’s fate, prompting Jack to materialize and remind him of his duty to save the world. Buraki then found them and prevented their escape by disabling their car. It nearly killed them, but got distracted by police officers shooting it, allowing for Ethan and Sarah to run to the chopper. Buraki however, coiled up the building and caught the helicopter in its mouth before they could escape, and they had to jump to the helipad as military choppers came to attack it. They fled the scene as Atrox flooded the streets and skies. They were given a ride out of the city by FBI agents Frank Campbell and Judah Pinsky, and were taken to a location where Pinsky tried to kill Sarah to get rid of the Imoogi on the orders of the Secretary of Defense. Campbell then shot his partner to save the Yuh Yi Joo and gave them his car to get them out of the city. Ethan drove them to Mexico to try and escape their destiny, but their car was shot by Bulcos, and he awoke in the Atrox realm tied to a post, while Sarah was set to be sacrificed. As he screamed in anguish, his medallion began to glow, and the Light from Heaven began to destroy the realm and turned the enemy forces to dust. He then slipped his bonds and rushed to stop the sacrifice, but was defeated until the Atrox leader touched his medallion with his sword, making him disappear.

Ethan tried to keep Sarah away from the fighting serpents, but she knew that the only way to stop it was to give her life. She released the Yuh Yi Joo, and Ethan was left to hold her unconscious body until the Celestial Dragon was victorious. She then put her hand to his face before dissolving into the Yuh Yi Joo, and appearing before him as a spirit to thank him and to promise that they would always be together before returning to a ball of light, which the dragon clamped in its mouth before flying tearfully away. Jack then appeared behind him to tell him the importance of what he had done before dissolving, leaving Ethan to walk across the Atrox plain, knowing he had done the right thing.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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