Father, Ichiro is Alive!

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Warrior of Love Rainbowman Episodes
Secret of Emperor Dongolos
Father, Ichiro is Alive!
The End of Dongolas
Father, Ichiro is Alive!
Father, Ichiro is Alive!
Series Warrior of Love Rainbowman
Episode # 21
Directed by Kazuhiro Ochi
Air date March 20, 1983

Father, Ichiro is Alive! (父・一郎は生きていた!,   Chichi Ichirō wa Ikiteita!) is the twenty-first episode of the Warrior of Love Rainbowman animated series.


Mr. K approaches Emperor Dongolas, who is not very happy to see him. Elsewhere, Takeshi Yamato speaks to Dr. Omiya about a map. His daughter Yoko Omiya then calls, and she gives Pastel Petit some tea. While Yoko teases Yamato for an out-of-line remark, Pastel in the other room pulls out a gun, but is contacted by Mr. K, who is then called by an eyepatch wearing man, who calls him away and to an observation deck, where the two launch an enormous missile. Omiya then lights up a cigarette and begins to speak with Pastel Petit. She pulls the gun on him, but Yamato bursts in and kicks it from her hand. She then throws a smoke bomb and escapes through the window. While crossing the street, two children saw Petit flee. Yamato, Omiya, and another scientist then look at a map, and Yamato rushes outside to transform into Rainbowman Dash Seven, and then into Rainbow Seven and flies into space to intercept the missile fired by Mr. K. Pastel Petit warns him of Rainbow Seven's interference, but he scoffs her away, resulting in her throwing her wrist communicator to the ground and crying. Rainbow Seven then grabbed the missile and was able to redirect it before destroying it with his Rainbow Flash. Pastel Petit sees the explosion in the sky, and Emperor Dongolas angrily calls Mr. K, who resolves to launch a new Devil Mecha, Psycho Devil Mecha. Pastel Petit watched as it attacked, and discovered that she had been followed by the two children that had noticed her earlier. Psycho Devil Mecha then began to use a sonic beam attack to break the building Rainbowman was based at, and she got the kids to safety. Rainbowman then arrived to attack the Devil Mecha, and used Dash 7 and later transformed to Dash 1, but was captured by the Psycho Devil Mecha, who began to electrocute him. Pastel Petit then sprang in to help Rainbowman, and received the full force of the sonic beams while he escaped and transformed into Rainbow Seven. He quickly blasted off the Devil Mecha's head, but Psycho launched its hands at Rainbow Seven, pinning him down. It then advanced on him, but was blown away by Rainboow Seven's belt buckle. He then summoned his Rainbow Sword and cut Psycho Devil Mecha to pieces, causing him to explode. He then transformed back into Dash Seven, and then to Yamato in order to help Pastel Petit, who informed him that his father was alive before dying in his arms. He then carried her body to a seaside cliff as the sun rose.


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