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GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters Episode #1
Cover page for Episode #1
Art by Youth Kurahashi
GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

"Episode #1" (第1話,   Daiichiwa) of the GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters manga adaptation was published on Shonen Jump+ on March 29, 2018, and on the manga website Z on April 5.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode opens with Haruo Sakaki flying his Hover Bike away from the explosion of a Landing Ship. Haruo flies the bike high into the air, then prepares to fly headfirst into Godzilla.

The manga then flashes back to the close of the 20th century and dawn of the 21st century. Beginning in 1999, huge creatures known as kaiju began appearing around the globe, devastating major cities and killing millions of people. The giant jellyfish-like creature Dogora attacked London, the giant praying mantis kaiju Kamacuras menaced New York, and the monsters Rodan and Anguirus descended on Beijing before being killed by the Chinese bioweapon Hedorah, which itself soon went out of control. These kaiju, along with others such as Biollante and Baragon, were the bane of mankind's existence throughout the early 21st century, until the appearance of something far more terrifying. This creature first appeared in 2030, and unlike the other kaiju was not content with simply killing humans. While he effortlessly wiped out entire cities in a flash, he also hunted down and killed many of the other kaiju rampaging across the globe. Humanity's weapons had no effect against this invincible beast, which was destined to bring mankind's dominion over the Earth to an end. He was known as Godzilla.

In the year 2068, the interstellar emigration vessel Aratrum is orbiting the planet Tau Ceti-e, a so-called "promised land" where the ship's passengers hoped to settle two decades after fleeing the Earth. Captain Haruo Sakaki has sealed himself within a Landing Ship onboard the Aratrum, with explosives strapped to his chest. He threatens to detonate them unless the landing expedition to the surface of Tau-e is called off. Haruo believes this expedition is a suicide mission consisting of several elderly passengers who were forced to volunteer so the Central Committee could reduce the number of mouths to feed on the ship. Haruo broadcasts his threat aloud over the ship's intercom, so it can be heard by all aboard. Haruo is then contacted over a computer monitor by his adoptive grandfather Daichi Tani, who has volunteered for the mission to Tau-e. Daichi convinces Haruo that he and the others genuinely volunteered for this mission and wanted to go to Tau-e. They could no longer stand living aboard the Aratrum after over 20 years, even if the younger generation could. Haruo tries to convince Daichi this is a suicide mission, but he responds by saying if he is going to die, he would rather die on land, no matter what planet it's on. As Daichi talks his grandson down, United Earth soldiers breach the Landing Ship and promptly arrest Haruo. Haruo then watches helplessly from a detainment cell as the Landing Ship carrying Daichi and the other volunteers explodes upon entering Tau-e's atmosphere.

This is followed by another flashback to 2035. As Godzilla terrorizes the world, alien UFOs begin appearing in the skies. First, UFOs appear over the United Nations building in New York, followed by UFOs appearing over Westminster in London. The alien races are the religious Exif, led by their cardinal Endurph, who claim to have come to save humanity's souls and guarantee their salvation through religious devotion; and the technologically advanced Bilusaludo, led by their chieftain Halu-elu Dolu-do, who offer to finally destroy Godzilla in exchange for refuge on the Earth. While the Exif convert humanity to their religion, the Bilusaludo begin working on the ultimate anti-Godzilla weapon in a facility in Hamamatsu, Japan. With the cooperation of the United Earth, Bilusaludo engineers are in the midst of constructing Mechagodzilla, an advanced robotic weapon built in the image of Godzilla himself. However, as Godzilla approaches Hamamatsu and breaches the city, the Bilusaludo are unable to activate Mechagodzilla. Mulu-elu Galu-gu, one of the lead engineers on the project, frantically tries to activate the machine, but is forcibly evacuated from the facility as Godzilla draws closer. By 2048, humanity has been forced to send a select group of individuals into outer space to search for a new inhabitable planet, as the Earth has finally fallen to Godzilla's might. Young Haruo Sakaki has been entrusted to the care of Daichi Tani as his parents are delayed in their arrival to the Aratrum launch pad. As the bus carrying Akira and Haruka Sakaki approaches the launch pad, Godzilla appears over the horizon. Godzilla charges and fires his atomic breath at a nearby Landing Ship, which bursts into flames and crashes to the ground below, obliterating the bus carrying Haruo's parents. Daichi grabs Haruo's hand and evacuates with him to the ship, as Haruo stares back and sees Godzilla's menacing figure roaring into the sky. Haruo grows up an orphan aboard the Aratrum, raised by Daichi and the Exif clergy aboard the ship, and witnesses the living conditions on the ship gradually deteriorate over the years.

Back in 2068, the imprisoned Haruo awakens from a nightmare and is greeted by the Exif archbishop Metphies, who officially has come to hear Haruo's confession. However, he is really there to give Haruo classified data about Godzilla for his "anti-Godzilla plan." Haruo aims to prove that with the right strategy, humanity could have killed Godzilla 20 years ago, but instead chose to flee the planet out of cowardice. Metphies remarks that despite having witnessed the devastation of Godzilla firsthand, Haruo almost seems to want to see the monster again. Meanwhile, members of the Aratrum's Central Committee discuss what measures to undertake now that Tau-e has been shown to be uninhabitable. Calculations from the Exif's Gematron computer shows that the Aratrum could successfully return to Earth instantaneously using the ship's experimental hyperdrives, although others on the committee are skeptical. The Committee also acknowledges that there is significant pressure from the ship's passengers to return to Earth and try to defeat Godzilla following the anonymous publishing of the anti-Godzilla plan. After the Committee convenes, Metphies visits the quarters of Mulu-elu Galu-gu to discuss Haruo's anti-Godzilla plan. Galu-gu remarks that the plan seems to be popular and he himself finds it fascinating, though he doubts that they could have beaten Godzilla even with the plan. He tells Metphies that for this reason, the Exif never could have brainwashed humanity with their religion. Metphies responds by saying that if Mechagodzilla had defeated Godzilla, the Bilusaludo could have turned it against humanity and conquered the Earth next. Galu-gu says none of that matters anymore, since Godzilla had forced all three races into the same situation after they all failed to stop him.

Eventually, the Central Committee approves measures to return to Earth, and activates the Aratrum's experimental hyperdrives. As Admiral Unberto Mori makes the announcement over the ship's broadcast system, many passengers are ecstatic to see the Earth, while Corporal Marco Ghione expresses his worries about the jump actually being safe. The Aratrum makes the jump to hyperspace, and shortly afterward emerges just above Earth's atmosphere. Reconnaissance Drones are sent to the planet's surface to analyze the environment, and determine that at least 10,000 years have passed. The Committee is hopeful that this means Godzilla is no longer alive, but the drones soon detect a large radiation spike the area that was once Japan. Just as the nearby drones go offline, they capture the unmistakable roar of Godzilla. To Mori's dismay, Godzilla is undoubtedly still alive on the Earth.

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