G vs. G 2 (2021)

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G vs. G 2
The title card poster for G vs. G 2
Directed by Takuya Uenishi
Distributor Toho
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G vs. G 2 is an upcoming Japanese Godzilla short film and the sequel to G vs. G. Unlike its precursor, which was a fan film submitted to the GEMSTONE contest, G vs. G 2 will be distributed by Toho. It is to be tentatively released in 2021.


G vs. G was one of six winners of the GEMSTONE Godzilla contest, alongside Godziban. Toho revealed a teaser trailer for the sequel during Godzilla Fest on November 3, 2020. It was primarily comprised of stock footage from the first film.


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  • Directed by   Takuya Uenishi




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G vs. G 2 trailer


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