Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo (1988)

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Shochiku Company Ltd. Monster Movie
The Japanese poster for Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo
Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo
Directed by Takeshi Miyasaka
Produced by Masao Kimura, Yasuhiko Kozato, Masaru Watanabe
Written by NAKA雅MURA
Music by Daisuke Suzuki
Distributor Shochiku
Running Time 102 minutesJP
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
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Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo (大怪獣東京に現わる,   Daikaijū Tōkyō Ni Arawaru) is a 1998 kaiju comedy film produced by Shochiku and directed by Takeshi Miyasaka.


A devastating earthquake rocks the Kanto region as a fire-breathing dinosaur attacks Tokyo and a flying turtle devastates Fukuoka. As their rampages continue, it becomes clear that they will meet in Fukui Prefecture. With the JSDF helpless and U.S. aircraft carriers capsized by a tsunami triggered by the earthquake, the residents of Mikuni Town must decide where to evacuate. Neither monster appears onscreen in the film; instead, their activities are conveyed through a series of news reports.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Takeshi Miyasaka
  • Written by   NAKA雅MURA
  • Produced by   Masao Kimura, Yasuhiko Kozato, Masaru Watanabe
  • Music by   Daisuke Suzuki
  • Cinematography by   Masaaki Sakagoe
  • Edited by   Masashi Nakamura
  • Production Design by   Junichi Muto


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Kaori Momoi   as   Kimi Tagashi
  • Honda Kotaro   as   Tadashi Suto (husband of Tadashi Kimie)
  • Kadoma Kazuhen   as   Nobuko Morinaga (well Together meeting friend of Tadashi Kishi)
  • Nishiyama Yuhai   as   Yano Etsuko (Friend of a well meeting of Tadashi Kimie)
  • Ueno Jun   as   Takashi Kogure
  • Yoshiyuki Yoshiyuki   as   Ryoko Sakurazawa (Nostrada Baa)
  • Kashiya Kiyosuke   as   Utsumi Utsumiya
  • Tamie Tami   as   Tomomi Kawahoka
  • Sawaki Asami   as   Osawa Keiko
  • Atsushi Okuno   as   Jun, Summertime vocalist
  • Saito Ritsu   as   Rose, Summertime guitarist
  • Midori Masamichi   as   Gumbo, Summertime bassist
  • Tsuji Tsun   as   contam, Summertime bassist
  • Shiko Kuraka   as   Chieko Morinaga
  • Taguchi Tomorowo   as   Morio Hori, high school biology teacher
  • Takeuchi Force   as   Bicharo
  • Tomoyuki Mashiko   as   Katsumi Hirooka
  • Hirooka Tatsumi   as   Masuko Kazuhiro
  • Yudai Ishiyama   as   Toruyoshi Morinaga
  • Teruhiko Hanahara   as   Tadashi Hatsu
  • Takamatsu Hideo   as   Ohsawa Hikijiro, former anti-nuclear activist
  • Yuki Hirano   as   Kenichi Todo
  • Yuichi Sakiyama   as   Koji Yano
  • Oshima Yuko   as   Festival girl


Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo in its entirety


  • The turtle kaiju is clearly based on Gamera. The dinosaur may be based on Godzilla, although details on the poster are difficult to make out.

Shochiku Company Ltd.


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17 months ago
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I guess this is the closest we will ever get to Godzilla vs gamers fighting in a movie


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