Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo (1988)

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Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo
The Japanese poster for Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo
Directed by Takeshi Miyasaka
Producer(s) Masao Kimura, Yasuhiko Furusato, Atsushi Watanabe, Hiroyuki Tsuji
Written by Masaru Nakamura
Music by Daisuke Suzuki
Distributor Shochiku
Running time 102 minutes
(1 hour, 42 minutes)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
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Giant Monsters Appear in Tokyo (大怪獣東京に現わる,   Daikaijū Tōkyō ni Arawaru) is a 1998 kaiju comedy film co-produced by Yoshimoto Kogyo, Marubeni, and Tokyu Agency and distributed by Shochiku. It was released to Japanese theaters on September 26, 1998.[1]


A devastating earthquake rocks the Kanto region as a fire-breathing dinosaur attacks Tokyo and a flying turtle devastates Fukuoka. As their rampages continue, it becomes clear that they will meet in Fukui Prefecture. With the JSDF helpless and U.S. aircraft carriers capsized by a tsunami triggered by the earthquake, the residents of Mikuni Town must decide where to evacuate. Neither monster appears onscreen in the film; instead, their activities are conveyed through a series of news reports.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Takeshi Miyasaka
  • Written by   Masaru Nakamura
  • Produced by   Masao Kimura, Yasuhiko Furusato, Atsushi Watanabe, Hiroyuki Tsuji
  • Music by   Daisuke Suzuki
  • Cinematography by   Masaaki Sakae
  • Edited by   Masaru Nakamura
  • Production design by   Junichi Muto
  • Assistant directing by   Atsushi Yamamura


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Kaori Momoi
  • Urotaro Honda
  • Kazue Tsunogae
  • Yumi Nishiyama
  • Jun Ueno
  • Yumi Yoshiyuki
  • Kyosuke Kashiwaya
  • Kei Takyo
  • Asami Sawaki
  • Atsushi Okuno   as   Jun, lead singer of "Summertime"
  • Ritsu Saito   as   Rose, "Summertime" guitarist
  • Masamichi Nakayama   as   Gumbo, "Summertime" drummer
  • Tsun Tsuji   as   Conta, "Summertime" bassist
  • Shiho Kuramae
  • Tomorowo Taguchi
  • Riki Takeuchi
  • Tomoyuki Masuko
  • Tatsumi Hiroka
  • Yudai Ishiyama
  • Teruko Hanahara
  • Hideo Takamatsu
  • Yuki Hirano
  • Rin Sakiyama
  • Yuko Oshima   as   Festival girl



  • Lizard-type monster (mentioned, poster)
  • Flying turtle-type monster (mentioned, poster)

Weapons, vehicles, and races


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Theatrical releases

Video releases

M3 Entertainment VHS (1999)

  • Tapes: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: None
  • Special Features: None

M3 Entertainment DVD (2000)

  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: None


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2 months ago
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@Les, in my My Little Pony Godzilla crossover fan project, what should i name the monsters in this film's poster?

Makuta The shadow king 18

2 months ago
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this movie is not even on the internet archive. how do people even saw this movie to rate it anyway?

Astounding Beyond Belief

2 months ago
Score 0
It's been on YouTube before, albeit without subtitles. Did any of the seven people who rated speak the language? I dunno.

Godzilla Master

4 months ago
Score 0
The name sounds like a show in Japan. Because giant monsters always come to Japan.

Makuta The shadow king 18

2 months ago
Score 0
eh not really. some attack the usa.


36 months ago
Score 1
I guess this is the closest we will ever get to Godzilla vs gamers fighting in a movie


40 months ago
Score 1
Shochiku Company Ltd.