Giant Octopus (Asylum)

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Giant Octopus
The Giant Octopus in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Species Giant ancient octopus
Enemies Mega Shark
First appearance Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
For the Toho kaiju of the same name, see Giant Octopus.

Giant Octopus is a prehistoric octopus monster featured in the 2009 Asylum film Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.


The Giant Octopus is simply a large octopus with brown skin and yellow eyes. However, on the covers of the DVD and Blu-ray releases its melon is shown as much bonier and spinier than in the film itself.


The Giant Octopus is an enormous aquatic creature that lived millions of years ago before the Pleistocene Ice Age. It was mortal enemies with the Megalodon.


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Millions of years ago, the Giant Octopus was frozen off the coast of what would one day be Alaska while in battle with a Megalodon. Millions of years later, military experiments caused a pod of whales to crash into an ice wall and dislodge the frozen Octopus and Megalodon. It quickly reached the Kobayashi Subsea Drilling Platform, an oil platform off the coast of Japan, and attacked it leaving only one survivor. Much later, the Octopus was close to the surface of the Pacific Ocean, where it swatted a fighter jet out of the sky. They fired missiles at it, but it had already disappeared. The military then conspired to capture the Octopus in Tokyo Bay, where they cornered it, but only succeeded in making the Octopus angry and vicious. It then fled to open water, and destroyed the entire U.S. Wolfpack submarine fleet. Back off the coast of Alaska, it battled with its age old enemy before damaging the Typhoon submarine. They begat to battle again, and by the end the Octopus had had two of its tentacles bitten off as it constricted Mega Shark. Eventually, The Giant Octopus wrapped around Mega Shark for the final time, and the two sank out of sight in a cloud of ink.


Limb Regrowth

Though it is almost certainly just a continuity error, in between appearances, the Giant Octopus is shown with all of its limbs intact, despite having one bitten off by Mega Shark.

Ink Spray

The Giant Octopus is shown to be able to squirt ink at its enemies as a defense mechanism. The ink creates a cloud in the water that heavily hampers visibility, allowing the Giant Octopus to escape.


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