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The following is a list of minor monsters from kaiju-related media, sorted by the medium in which they appear. This is defined as any kaiju, kaijin, animals, or other beings whose roles have little overall relevance in the media they are featured in, have limited screentime, or do not have enough information to warrant a dedicated page, and which are generally not trademarked.

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Main article: List of minor Toho monsters#Films.

Daiei / Kadokawa

Name Image Appearance(s) Description Trivia
Small Jiger
Ko Jaigā

Baby Jiger
Ko Jaigā

Jiger II
Jaigā Nisei

Baby Jiger - 3.png
Gamera vs.
Length: ~2 meters

After Jiger injected an egg inside of Gamera's lung, her baby hatched inside the monster's body and began draining him of his blood. When Hiroshi Kitayama and Tommy Williams entered Gamera's body in a submarine, they found the baby Jiger, which began to chase them through the corridors of Gamera's insides. It shot a slimy white substance from its snout, causing Hiroshi's feet to become stuck to the ground. Luckily, he managed to free himself and the pair escaped to their submersible. As the Jiger began shooting more of the substance, the kids threw their communication device at it, causing it to stick to the juvenile monster's face. A team of humans on the surface then broadcast a special frequency through the communicator which the Jiger was susceptible to, ultimately killing it.

(ドジラ,   Dojira)
Gamera: Super Monster (1980) After touching down in Japan on Giruge's orders to destroy the Earth, the rampaging Gamera knocked over a sign advertising a monster movie entitled Farewell Dodzilla (さらばドジラ) which was having a roadshow theatrical release at the Izumi Hall in Shinjuku.
  • Dodzilla is a clear reference to Godzilla, in both the monster's name and appearance. Dodzilla specifically resembles the MegaroGoji suit, but with less pronounced dorsal plates. The film title "Farewell Dodzilla" may be in reference to Godzilla's hiatus from 1975 onward; the first Heisei era film, The Return of Godzilla would not premiere until 1984, four years after the release of Gamera: Super Monster.
Garasharp babies
Garashāpu kodomo
Gamera vs. Garasharp Storyboard 10.png
Gamera vs.
After Gamera defeated the attacking Garasharp by slicing off her head, twin juvenile Garasharps emerged from her body. The military attempted to fire on them, but Gamera rescued them by flying them on his shell to a remote island. After removing their fangs and horns, Gamera left the twins to grow up in peace.
  • A card for the baby Garasharps was included in the Gamera, Gappa, Guilala Special Effects Encyclopedia series under the name Giant Evil Beast Garasharp children (大邪獣ガラシャープ・子供) with "GARASHARP BABY" written in English.
Beta version Gameras
Beta Gameras - 5.png
Gamera 3:
Revenge of Iris
While surveying the ocean floor, a submarine crew discovered a graveyard of shelled skeletons resembling the monster Gamera. Shinya Kurata later proposed that these were deceased "beta versions" of Gamera; failed prototypes created by the Atlanteans which had once been imbued with Mana, but were discarded upon Gamera himself being successfully created.
Concept art
  • The skeletal Gameras were designed by Mahiro Maeda, who aimed for them to appear slightly mechanical.[1] They were portrayed primarily using shells from Gamera model kits by M1 and Kaiyodo, though a miniature skull made from styrofoam and a hard skull model roughly in scale with the Gamera suit were also used for closer shots.[2]
Unnamed tentacled monster
Bubble Kaiju.png
GAMERA (2015)
Main article: Unnamed tentacled monster.

Legendary Pictures

Main article: List of MonsterVerse monsters.


Name Image Appearance(s) Description Trivia
Unhatched egg
The Giant Claw (1957) The real purpose behind La Carcagne's journey to Earth was the laying of a single giant egg, resting in a huge nest of broken trees and shrubbery, located deep within the wilds of Canada. Unfortunately, La Carcagne never gets to see her offspring's birth due to the violent interference of the humans Mitch MacAfee and Sally Caldwell who destroy the unhatched egg with riffle fire from a snipers' distance. Sent into a maddening rage by her loss, La Carcagne flies off and begins a global rampage of death and destruction far worse than what had come before.
Abyssal fish
Gorgo (1961) After a devastating undersea earthquake tore up the seabed, the corpses of bizarre deep-sea fish floated up to the surface around Nara Island - grotesque omens for Gorgo's imminent arrival.
Cosmic spores
The X from Outer Space (1967) Somewhere beyond the outer orbit of Earth's moon, the spaceship AAB Gamma encounters a mysterious UFO that coats the vehicle's booster with a strange radiant substance, later dubbed Guilalanium, which houses strange cosmic spores. All but one of the cosmic spores is removed from AAB Gamma by crew members Captain Sano and Lisa. The collected sample is later brought back to Earth where it soon transforms into the giant destructive monster Guilala.
Obelisk Island bird
(オベリスク怪鳥,   Oberisuku Kaichō, lit. Obelisk Monster Bird)
Obelisk Bird.png
Gappa (1967)
Main article: Obelisk Island Bird.
Baby Gappa
Ko Gappa
Main article: Baby Gappa.
Giant Shark
A*P*E (1976) Having just escaped from his imprisonment onboard an oil tanker, the giant ape swims out to shore only to then be attacked by a giant shark. After a quick tussle, the giant ape kills the shark by ripping its mouth wide open.
Monster Reptile
While stumbling through the countryside, the giant ape finds a giant snake (noted as "Monster Reptile" on the film's poster) wrapped around a tree. The ape grabs the snake, but immediately tosses it away.
(プテラノドン,   Puteranodon)
The Last
Main article: Pteranodon#The Last Dinosaur.
(セラトプシアン,   Seratopushian)
Uinta 3.png
Main article: Ceratopsian.
Giant turtle
(大ガメ,   Ōgame)
Lake turtle large.png
Journalist Francesca Banks stood on a partially submerged giant turtle while taking photos, mistaking it for a rock. When it began to stir, she stepped off of it immediately in alarm. Unperturbed, the turtle swam away.
Giant fish
The Last Dinosaur Publicity Still 2.jpg
While on its daily hunt for food, the Tyrannosaurus spots a giant fish in the water and snatches it in its jaws, swallowing it whole.
The lair of the Tyrannosaurus is littered with the giant bones of numerous fallen prey. Among the remains are the skulls of a two-horned warthog, numerous mastodons, an ox with a singular horn like that of a unicorn, a separate ox skull with three unusual horns, an unspecified giant reptile, a long-faced cow, a sitting pair of bull skulls, a large headless humanoid skeleton hanging from a dead tree, numerous Pteranodons, the scattered jawbones of prehistoric rhinoceroses such as the Embolotherium and the Arsinoitherium, and skulls heavily resembling those of the dire wolf, the Archaeotherium, the Pakicetus, and the Daeodon.
(トリケラトプス,   Torikeratopusu)
Main article: Triceratops#The Last Dinosaur.
Dinosaur fossils
Dinosaur Fossils.png
Reptilian (1999) A wide variety of strange prehistoric fossils littered the caverns near the dig-sight where Yonggary is first discovered.
  • A deleted subplot involving Bud Black has the reporter getting a hold of the aliens' secrets of genetic resurrection, the same method used to bring Yonggary back to life, and returning to the archaeological sight with its cave of dinosaur fossils. Supposedly, Bud Black and the revived fossils were to be the antagonists of the unproduced sequel.
Genetically-edited rat
Fullscreen capture 982018 93800 AM.bmp.jpg
Rampage (2018) An experiment on board the satellite Athena-1 turns a lab rat into a ravenous monster. It kills all of the crew members except Dr. Kerry Aktins and compromises the satellite’s hull integrity during its deadly rampage. Claire Wyden, the owner of Athena-1 and CEO of the biotech company Energyne, informs Aktins that she will not be let into the escape capsule until she retrieves the other samples of the substance which caused the rat’s mutation, that being the compound R-19. Aktins evades the murderous rat and departs Athena-1 just before it explodes with three canisters in tow. Unfortunately, the scratches the creature left on a glass window of the capsule soon cause it to shatter, killing Aktins and sending the R-19 canisters hurtling towards the United States, eventually leading to the creation of three far more powerful mutated animals.
  • Despite both being rats, the genetically-edited rat is not a direct adaptation of Larry: a character exclusive to the 1986 Atari Lynx version of Rampage.


Name Image Appearance(s) Description Trivia
Kong: King of the Apes (2016)

Chatter was the pet cyborg parrot of the Remy family's housekeeper Anita. At some point shortly before 2039, Chatter's wing was replaced with a bionic prosthetic in a life-saving surgery, causing the bird to proclaim himself the "first bionic bird". He remains with Anita for the rest of the series.

  • Chatter was voiced by Alessandro Juliani in the show's first season, but in the second season he was replaced by Vincent Tong.
Cyborg seal
Cyber seal.png
A young seal with a prosthetic flipper inhabited the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve on Alcatraz Island in 2050. Not caring for the park's conservation efforts, Dr. Richard Remy ordered that its habitat be demolished to expand his Biono-bot exhibits, but the zookeeper keeping watch and Lukas Remy made sure this did not happen.
Lady was an adult female liger, who along with her cub Lucky, are implied to have been kept as exotic pets before being deemed to large and difficult for their owners to care for before being cast out into the wild and rescued by Lukas Remy and Doug Jones in the year 2050. She was brought to the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve on Alcatraz Island. She lived comfortably there, and while she was initially defensive toward Kong, a conversation with Danny Quon made sure they got along. After Kong escaped the park, Lady and Lucky were taken by Richard Remy as bait for a trap to frame the ape for a heist. Lady and her cub were taken to a military warehouse, and Lady was immensely afraid, causing her heart-rate to skyrocket. Eventually they were rescued by Lukas and Jones but by freeing them, the humans set off a detonation timer. They rushed to leave the warehouse, but Lady was rather slow, and was saved from the brunt of the blast by Kong. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal put too much strain on Lady's heart and she died shortly after her rescue.
  • Ligers, being hybrids, are sterile and unable to reproduce in the real world, which would make her mothering Lucky an impossibility.
Lucky and his mother Lady were exotic pets that were rescued in 2050 by Lukas Remy and Doug Jones. They were taken to the Remy Natural History and Marine Preserve on Alcatraz Island, where they were cared for by the staff. Lucky managed to befriend Danny Quon and Kong, who were allowed to feed him with a bottle. After Kong escaped the park, Dr. Richard Remy made a plan to defame the ape using Lucky and his mother as bait to get him into trouble. They were brought to a military warehouse and tied to a countdown detonator that would begin when the ligers were freed. When Lukas and Jones came to rescue them, Lukas ran with Lucky to escape the blast, but his mother did not survive.
  • In the real world, ligers are unable to reproduce, and they can only be bred from male lions and female tigers, meaning it would be impossible for Lady to be Lucky's biological mother. The fact that he is bottle-fed even in his mother's presence suggests that this may be the case even in the show.
Lady clones
Test Image.png
Using DNA from the dead Lady, Richard Remy produced three "Biono-clones" based on her. They were later rescued and relocated to a small pack of male tigers.


Name Image Appearance(s) Description Trivia
Gyaos breeding cave larvae
Gyaosu Yōchū
Shīku Dōkutsu

Ancient insects (古代昆虫,  
Kodai Konchū

Gyaos cave breeder larva.png
Gamera vs.
In a diagram of the Gyaos' settlement inside a volcano, a species of prehistoric insect larvae are shown to live inside the monsters' breeding chamber and are fed upon by the juvenile Gyaos.
  • The breeding cave larvae bear a striking similarity to the Meganulon from Rodan in both their role and appearance. In the film, the Meganulon inhabit the Rodans' underground cave system and are fed upon by the newborn Rodan.
Test Image.png
Kong Reborn (2005)
Weight: 300 pounds[4]

Matthilde was a female language trained western gorilla, who was the pride and joy of Denham Products, where she lived in the zoos and farms that made up its lower levels. However, she was so gentle and well-behaved that she was allowed to roam freely around the facilities, excluding the sterile rooms.

One night, Jack Denham, whom Matthilde recognized as the "Big Boss" and had been told to respect, came to the meeting room where Matthilde sat signing with Laurel Otani. Matthilde did not understand what was happening, but she appreciated the jovial atmosphere, and was given a bit of champagne, which made her proclaim that Jack was a good man who should come more often. Laurel then told Matthilde that she was going to be a mother, but suspected that Matthilde did not believe her. In reality, Matthilde had been selected as the surrogate mother for their experiment to clone King Kong.

When Matthilde's ova accepted Kong's reconstructed blood cells, Most accepted them, but only three were inserted back into Matthilde's womb, where two implanted. The weaker of the two was terminated, and Matthilde became the most pampered pregnant gorilla on the planet from November of 2004 to March of 2005. However, within months is was already visible that the fetus would be too large for Matthilde to carry to term. She was given a Cesarean section in March of 2005, and the fetus was transferred to an artificial womb to continue gestation. After the surgery, Matthilde made a full recovery and was just as healthy and intelligent as ever. Within months, Kong had grown bigger than his surrogate mother. Unfortunately it seems that by that time it seems that their interactions had ceased, if indeed they had any after the surgery.


Name Image Appearance(s) Description Trivia
Unnamed Gyaos mutant
Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe (1996) Using the DNA of the dead Gyaos, Greta Karbone genetically engineered a quadrupedal monster that she kept in a tube in her lab off the coast of Guanajota, Mexico alongside a cloned Gyaos, Viras, and another unnamed mutant. However, when the laboratory was destroyed in an oxygen explosion after Gyaos' escape, the two unnamed mutants were left to die while Karbone and her assistant Gusano rescued Viras.

The far more prominent of the two deceased mutants is a reptilian quadruped with sharp teeth and several spikes on its head.

Unnamed Gyaos mutant
Obscured Spikey.png
Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe (1996) Using the DNA of the dead Gyaos, Greta Karbone genetically engineered a quadrupedal monster that she kept in a tube in her lab off the coast of Guanajota, Mexico alongside a cloned Gyaos, Viras, and another unnamed mutant. However, when the laboratory was destroyed in an oxygen explosion after Gyaos' escape, the two unnamed mutants were left to die while Karbone and her assistant Gusano rescued Viras.
The Last Hope - Arsinoitherium.png
The Last Hope (2017)
Main article: Arsinoitherium.
In the advanced civilization of the Atlanteans, a harnessed Arsinoitherium and its owner can be seen standing by a building.

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That's Good. but where are the others like Giant Leeches (The Last Dinosaur), Liquid Toad, Hawk (Daimajin strikes again), Dinosaur Fossils (Reptilian), Giant Eagle and Giant Spider (Magic Serpent), and Baby Barugon (Gamera vs Barugon).


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