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RKO Pictures (formerly RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.) Monster
Giant lizard (King Kong)
Two-Legged Lizard
Alternate names Giant Lizard, Pit Lizard, Cave Lizard
Species Giant lizard
Portrayed by Stop-motion
First appearance Latest appearance
King Kong (1933) Kong: The Animated Series

The Two-Legged Lizard is a giant lizard monster that makes a brief appearance in the 1933 film King Kong.


This creature's name is never spoken onscreen, but in the script for King Kong it is acknowledged as the Giant Lizard. The name "two-legged lizard" refers to the creature's distinctive trait of only possessing two limbs.


The lizard has an elongated body with two forelimbs and a tail, but no hind legs. It only has two digits on each hand, like a chameleon or the two-toed Earless Skink native to Australia. Its neck bears a mane-like collection of spikes that creates a break in the crest that runs from its head to its tail. In the film's novelization, the creature is never suggested to have only two limbs, but rather it is simply described as a lizard of considerable size.

The two-legged lizard in Kong: The Animated Series is more dragon-like in appearance and only has hind legs instead of only having forelegs.


King Kong (1933)

After King Kong destroyed the log bridge and sent most of the Venture crew to their deaths in the chasm below, Jack Driscoll hid in a small crevice in the rock wall. Jack looked down and saw a giant two-legged lizard slowly scaling up a vine to his position. Jack quickly grabbed a dagger and cut the vine, sending the lizard plummeting into the chasm.

Kong: The Animated Series

Dark Forces Rising

In the fourth episode of Kong: The Animated Series, titled Dark Forces Rising, Ramone De La Porta uses his Cyber-Link Computer to merge with a boa constrictor that was attacking Kong in order to gain an advantage while fighting him. When De La Porta merged with the snake, they became a Two-Legged Lizard.


King Kong

The Giant Lizard species lived in a great ravine on Skull Mountain Island. While a member of the species was sunning itself on a rocky ledge, a fight between Kong and a Triceratops sent human sailors falling into the pit. One hit the Lizard's ledge and it quickly devoured him. After the entire log fell into the pit, other members of the species came out to fight for carrion with Octopus-Insects and Great Spiders.

Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

As the crew of the Wanderer peered into the ravine, they saw a gigantic lizard sunning itself on a ledge as a Great Spider hunted an Octopus-Insect nearby.


King Kong (1933)

Kong: The Animated Series



  • The Two-Legged Lizard influenced the design of the Skullcrawlers from the 2017 movie Kong: Skull Island.[1]
  • The lizard's role in the film is filled by a giant spider in the film's script and novelization, with the giant lizards remaining in the chasm.


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