GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle (Soundtrack)

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Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle
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GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle
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GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle Soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Composed by Takayuki Hattori[1]
Release year(s) 2018
# of tracks 33[2]

The soundtrack for GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle was released digitally on May 18, 2018, and released physically by Toho Animation Records on June 13, 2018, featuring music by Takayuki Hattori.[1]


  1. Threat 脅威
  2. City on the Edge of Battle 決戦機動増殖都市
  3. Houtua フツア
  4. Pursuit 追跡
  5. Collision 衝突
  6. The World of the Houtua フツアの世界
  7. The Word of Metphies メトフィエスの言葉
  8. Ritual 儀式
  9. Haruo's Anguish ハルオの苦悩
  10. Mutation of the Earth 地球の変移
  11. Houtua Fighting フツアの戦い方
  12. Prediction 予言
  13. Nanometal - Hope ナノメタル-希望
  14. Spore 胞子
  15. Abnormal Evolution 異様な進化
  16. Mechagodzilla City メカゴジラシティ
  17. Bilusaludo's Technology ビルサルドの技術
  18. Vulture ヴァルチャー
  19. Haruo and Yuko ハルオとユウコ
  20. Metphies' Sympathy メトフィエスの同調
  21. Night View 夜景
  22. Nanometalization ナノメタル化
  23. Mobilization 始動
  24. Beginning to Run Away 暴走の始まり
  25. Raid 急襲
  26. Vulture Sortie ヴァルチャー出撃
  27. Counterattack 反撃
  28. Repel 撃退へ
  29. Total Warfare 総力戦
  30. Uncontrollable 制御不能
  31. Agonizing Decision 苦渋の決断
  32. Decision at the End 決断の果てに
  33. Domination 支配



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