Godzilla (Commodore Plus/4)

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Godzilla Game
Godzilla cassette cover art
Developer Attila Cosir (The Mad)
Publisher Novotrade Magyarország
Platforms Commodore 16
Commodore Plus/4
Languages Hungarian
Genre Action

Godzilla is an unlicensed 1988[1] action video game for the Commodore 16 and Commodore Plus/4 developed by Attila Cosir and distributed by Novotrade and then re-released by DELTASoft.



There are 5 different actions that can be performed in this game.

Key Move
A / S Move to the left / right, respectively. Godzilla can move while performing any other move.
X Jump. Godzilla can use this to jump over ground obstacles.
9 Fire breath. Godzilla emits a short-ranged flame that hits enemies that come from behind at Godzilla's head level.
I Chomp. Godzilla keeps his mouth open so he can eat enemies coming at head level from in front of him. Once he eats an enemy, he can't use the fire breath or chomp again until he finishes chewing.


Godzilla is a simple, endless game of avoiding taking hits from obstacles and enemies in a scrolling field. The first level introduces ground spikes, which can be jumped over. The second level introduces a UFO-like object that flies toward Godzilla's head, which can be eaten. The third level introduces a giant bee that heads toward the back of Godzilla's head, and is defeated by using fire breath. Finally, the fourth level introduces a space shuttle-like object that cruises on the ground, which can be jumped over.

Godzilla has 6 lives, and once they're gone the player has to start over. The game awards points for keeping Godzilla alive, however it doesn't keep track of high scores.

The game itself is completely silent, save for a brief voice sample when the game is started, and a loud, static-filled roar that Godzilla utters whenever he gets hit by an object.


This game has 2 cheat codes available. (How to use cheats in Commodore Plus/4)

Code Effect
>5F6E AD Unlimited lives.
>5F50 60 Invulnerability.


  • Godzilla
  • Flying Object
  • Ground-Based Object
  • Giant Insect



GODZILLA (Commodore 16 & Commodore Plus 4) Gameplay

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