Godzilla (IDW comic) #10

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Godzilla (IDW)
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11
"His Whole Life Was
a Million-to-One Shot"
Cover A of issue #10 by Bob Eggleton
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Simon Gane
Colors by Ronda Pattison
Letters by Chris Mowry
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Creative Consultant Chris Mowry
Sales 6,992[1]
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"His Whole Life Was a Million-to-One Shot" is the 10th issue of IDW Publishing's Godzilla. It was published on February 20, 2013.


Earth is ravaged by the Space Monsters! With Earth's kaiju trapped on Monster Island, the planet is seemingly doomed. Until Boxer decides to undo all of his hard work and stage the biggest prison break of all time!


As the alien monsters SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah and Monster X destroy the world's cities, humanity's militaries failed to do anything to stop the creatures. Mothra tried to defeat Monster X in Manhattan, but was taken down. At the same time, the still-at-large Rodan appeared in Hong Kong and began fighting against Gigan, with Godzilla being nowhere to be found for days. To try to even the odds, Harrison went to Inland Empire, California to take control of the Daniel Malmon Group's Mechagodzilla, though Harrison has to go through Malmon's security before he can get to the mech. Meanwhile on Monster Island, Boxer and Hikari have found the building where the two men in charge of the island are overseeing it and are trying to find a way to disable the field that is keeping the monsters on the island.

Back in the hangar storing Mechagodzilla, Harrison managed to hotwire the robot. He saw that while its weapons did not work, it could at least walk. When he and Mechagodzilla left the hangar, he was immediately faced with Hedorah. After dodging one of Hedorah's attacks, Harrison 'regained' his ability to speak, through Mechagodzilla. He then taunts Hedorah and prepares to fight it, however Hedorah's sludge smacks Mechagodzilla directly. As Mechagodzilla's defenses started to fail, Godzilla suddenly appeared and started to fight Hedorah. Back on Monster Island, Hikari managed to find a way to distract the men in charge, Fletcher and Everett, using love pheromones. Boxer took the opportunity to destroy one of the generators that were keeping the field on and caused it to dissipate, allowing Anguirus, Battra and Titanosaurus to walk free. Boxer met Hikari at the building when Kumonga walked onto the building top with them. Boxer wondered how they were going to be able to transport it back to the mainland, Hikari instead asking how they were going to stop it from killing them. Just then however, Harrison arrived with Mechagodzilla. Boxer and Hikari got inside the mech, put Kumonga on its back and started flying back.

Earth's monsters went to fight their extraterrestrial enemies. Anguirus met with Rodan in Hong Kong to fight Gigan, Battra and Titanosaurus arrived in London to battle SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla was fending off Hedorah.



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