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Godzilland (ゴジランド,   Gojirando) is a series of merchandise geared towards young children released by Bandai in 1984.


Godzilland consisted of stickers, buttons, coloring books, storybooks, puzzles, short comic strips, trading cards and other items featuring drawings of Godzilla and several kaiju from the Showa series drawn in a chibi style living and playing together. The activities the kaiju are shown doing range from playing sports, to shopping for groceries, trying on clothes, dancing, and frequently eating rice cakes. Some of the merchandise depicts the kaiju in various colors, Godzilla himself is seen in green, yellow and even pink, and at times shows multiple of the same kaiju at once. Interestingly, Hedorah is depicted as female and is one of Godzilla's friends rather than among his enemies, which in the line include Mechagodzilla, Gigan and King Ghidorah. Mothra's larvae are also shown to be brother and sister, as one larva is generally shown to be red and wear a hat, while the other is usually pink and has pronounced eyelashes and a bow on her head. Every piece of merchandise in this line includes a logo which reads "COMIC SAURS STORY GODZILLAND THERE IS THE MONSTERS PARADISE."

The merchandise line continued into the 1990's, as there were Godzilland pencils released, featuring artwork of the kaiju based on the 1994 and 1996 Recommend! Godzilland OVAs. These pencils are notably the only Godzilland merchandise to feature Mecha-King Ghidorah. These pencils also include artwork of Xilien UFOs and Maser Cannons, and the logo simply says "GODZILLAND COMIC SAURUS STORY."




Bootlegged Godzilland merchandise is known to exist. It is distinguishable from legitimate Godzilland merchandise due to inconsistencies in the illustrations of the kaiju. For example, Godzilla has a horn on his head, Mothra larva has antennae and more pronounced legs and feet, and Hedorah has claws. One bootleg illustration of Godzilla possesses a frill around his head, making him look suspiciously like Jirass.


  • In 1984, a book called Godzilla-Gamera Kaiju was published, featuring monsters from both the Godzilla and Gamera francises illustrated in a chibi style by the same illustrator who drew all of the Godzilland merchandise.
  • The 1985 MSX game Gojira-kun was based on the Godzilland merchandise line, and was originally titled Godzilland. All of the kaiju featured in the game are portrayed in the same style as they were in Godzilland. The game's case and cartridge even include the Godzilland logo.
  • The Godzilland merchandise line inspired the trivia show Adventure! Godzilland, which featured animated segments with several kaiju drawn in a chibi style. Later, four OVAs based on these animated segments under the title Get Going! Godzilland were released.

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The Jirass link doesn’t work


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Green Blob Thing

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Figurines based on the Godzilland OVAs.

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Only some of this stuff is based on the OVAs. The original Godzilland merchandise line began in 1984, while the OVAs didn't start until 10 years later.
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