"Greenman vs. Maoh"

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Go! Greenman episodes
"Greenman vs. Pattern Kaijin"
"Greenman vs. Maoh"
"Greenman vs. Maoh"
The title card of "Greenman vs. Maoh"
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 52
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"Greenman vs. Maoh" (グリーンマン対 () (オウ),   Gurīnman tai Maō) is the 52nd and final episode of Go! Greenman.


Five children playing tag spot Tonchiki and one of Maoh's Minions. They chase the monsters; the Minion trips and is held down by the boys, while Tonchiki transports himself to the Underground Cave. Tonchiki pleads with Maoh to help. Maoh is furious, as the minion was the last of their subordinates who could transform into a monster, and resolves to enter the fray himself. He teleports to the surface, causing the ground to shake. Two of the boys are quick to attack him, as he cannot move his legs, but Maoh transforms them into stones. One of the other kids uses his Green Call to summon Greenman, who squares off against Maoh. His Leg Arrow bounces off Maoh, and his punches and kicks have no effect either. With Greenman staggered from hitting Maoh's hard skin, Tonchiki and the minion tie him up. The three boys brandish their Green Calls, encouraging the hero, who breaks free of his restraints. He launches Ear Boomerangs at Maoh, but they too prove ineffective. Tonchiki and the Maoh Minion teleport back to the Underground Cave. Maoh follows them, angrily ordering Tonchiki and the minion to capture the children. Tonchiki and the minion teleport one of the child-stones to the Underground Cave, only to be scared away by Greenman materializing before them. He takes the stone back to the surface, tapping both stones with his staff to turn them back to normal. Tonchiki sends Maoh a Maoh Minion but the minion is instantly cut down by Greenman's Leo Fire. Maoh then turns invisible, again causing the ground to shake, with Greenman's Ear Boomerang revealing him. Tonchiki pleads for Maoh to return back to the Underground Cave. Maoh is furious, saying he was about to defeat Greenman, and Tonchiki returns to the surface. Greenman chases after him, then follows him back to the Underground Cave via teleportation. Greenman unleashes Flash Shock against Maoh, who is hit but manages to teleport away as the Underground Cave is destroyed. Maoh explodes on the surface, defeated at last. Tonchiki flees to the surface, where he is attacked by the children. However, Greenman spares him and he apologizes profusely while teleporting away. The children then run over to Greenman with happiness and the hero flies away.



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