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Ibogilar in Go! Godman
Alternate names Ibogira
Enemies Godman
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 25:
Godman vs. Trilorn and Ibogilar
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Ibogilar (イボギラー,   Ibogirā) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 25 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Godman titled Godman vs. Trilorn and Ibogilar.


Ibogilar is a large-headed, villainous, humanoid creature that wears a primarily black and red suit and cape. His lumpy, brain-like head is composed of a plethora of sphincter-shaped structures that resemble the openings of certain types of sea sponges and coral. These structures have a hard, rocky texture to them and vary greatly in size and color. Ibogilar's head is partially divided into two sections by a series of white, bony structures. He has no visible, if any, neck as it is covered up by a large, flamboyant, turned-up collar that curls slightly inward. His gloves are white. He has a large, bi-colored cape; the right side of it being red and the left black. This pattern also applies to his collar. Directly below his collar are a pair of angular red patterns; the first and smallest being a v-shaped symbol partially covered in a golden glitter and the second and largest resembling a topside-up view of a bird skull. The smaller pattern is directly attached to the top of the larger pattern, giving the impression of angry eyebrows or devil horns. He has a thick red strap similar to a belt wrapped around the waist of his suit. Attached to the bottom of this red line is a glittery, yellow, wavy pattern. Above the wavy pattern is a glittery circular pattern.


Go! Godman

Godman vs. Trilorn and Ibogilar

Ibogolar was the thirty sixth monster to battle Godman.


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  • Ibogilar is similar to the kaiju Gabara from All Monsters Attack, in that he is a monster which only appears in the dreams of a central character.


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