Kaijuland Battles

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Monster Game
Kaijuland Battles
Kaijuland Battles
Developer Sunstone Games
Publisher Sunstone Games
Platforms PC
Languages English
Genre Action, Fighting

Kaijuland Battles is a kaiju fighting game created by Sunstone Games. Sunstone released an Early Access version of the game to Steam on August 11, 2014, free to backers of the Colossal Kaiju Combat Kickstarter and $4.99 for other users. Though intended as free-to-play in its final version, development on the game was suspended in 2017.


"The free game features four characters from the Facebook game “Kaijuland.” Adorable monsters. Battling one another and crushing the city. What more do you need?"


  • Komododon
  • Gigashark
  • Magnarok
  • Robokomododon


  • Megaplat
  • Stabitha


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