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Kraa! The Sea Monster
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The following is a transcript of the opening and end credits of Kraa! The Sea Monster. Spelling errors have been preserved.

Opening Credits

Monster Island Entertainment Presents



R.L. McMurray
Teal Merchande
Robert Garcia
Robert J. Ferrelli
Jeff Rector
Jeffery Meyer
Colton Scott
Alison Lohman
Anthony Furlong
Candida Tolentino


J.W. Perra
as Mogyar


Bob Macdonald, C.S.A.
Perry Bullington, C.S.A.

Music Composed and Conducted by

Carl Dante

Edited by

Poppy Das &
Gregory Sanders

Costume Designer

Heather Priest

Production Designer

Erin Cochran

Director of Photography

Joe Caramico Maxwell

Kraa Designed and Created by

Total Fabrication

Lord Doom Designed and Created by

Mark Williams

Mogyar Designed and Created by

Mark Rappaport Creature F/X

Digital Visual Effects by

Al Maglio Chetti

Written by

Benjamin Carr

Executive Producer

Charles Band


Steve Sechrest &
Rob Martin

Produced by

Kirk Edward Hansen

Minature F/X Director

Michael S. Deak

Directed by

Aaron Osborne

End Credits

Planet Patrol and Lord Doom Segments Directed by

Dave Parker

Lord Doom

Michael Guerin

Voice of Doom

Jerry Lentz


Jon Simanton


  • R.L. McMurray   as   Bobby Macek
  • Teal Marchande   as   Alma James
  • Robert Garcia   as   Bridger
  • Robert J. Ferrelli   as   Monroe
  • Jeff Rector   as   Team Leader
  • Jeffery Meyer   as   Team Member
  • Leon W. Grant   as   Wheeler
  • David Wall   as   Landerson
  • Deborah Hatch   as   Scientist
  • Colton Scott   as   Captain Ruric
  • Candida Tolentino   as   Lt. Able
  • Alison Lohman   as   Patrolman Curtis
  • Anthony Furlong   as   Patrolman Garth
  • John Fedele   as   Kraa


Unit Production Manager
Kirk Edward Hansen
1st Assistant Director
Franklin Vallette
2nd Assistant Director
Tony Mariani
Production Coordinator
Stacy Willmann
Set Production Assistant
Melanie Neat
Charlie Jakab
Norman Bentley
Script Supervisor
Jain Sekular
1st Assistant Camera
Scot Petitelerc
2nd Assistant Camera
Ken Little
Sylvie Madore
Still Photographer
Tom Vollick
Art Director
Ron Strathum
Construction Coordinator
Matt Powell
Dana Zaccagnino
Set Decorator
Foster Vick
Leadman / Swing
Russ Herpick
Prop Master
Kathy Orlando
Prop Assistant
Oliver Wilson
Head Scenic
Carolyn Wallner
Dominique Bennett
Scott Bryant
Graphic Artist
Adam Tankel
Production Sound Mixer
John Halaby
Boom Operator
Jackie McLaughlin
Harold Skinner
Best Boy Electric
Frank Towers
Tony Shevitt
Jarred Waldron
Key Grip
Eric Martin Smith
Best Boy Grip
Pat Attaniso
Stunt Coordinator
Kim Koscki
Key Hair and Makeup
Lois Anne O'Malley
Miniature FX Producer / Director
Michael S. Deak
Kaa Designed and Created by
Kennith J. Hall
Key Fabricators
Terri Fluker
Lab Technician
Jon Fedele
Coatings Specialist
Malaki Keller
Paul Pistore
Fabrication Assistants
Heather Barr
Paula Lampshire
Kcedar Lewis
Judi Lynn Malitsky
Marguerite Sehr
Key Miniature Coordinator
Jon Fedele
Miniature FX Crew
Joseph Fedele
Kurt Winberger
Melanie Tooker
Yutaka Maseba
Mary Claypool
Aimee Karpinski
Ted Haines
Jodi Malitsky
Calyton Martinez
Alex Diaz
Phil Brewster
Shawn Mason
Malaki Keller
Shawn Patterson
Michael Vartholomatos
Lex Nakashima
Creature Effects
Mark Rappaport /
Creature Effects
Chris Bergschneider
Josh Logan
John Carl
Russel Herpich
John Deall
Leslie King
Special Visual Effects
David A. Wagner
Additional Visual Effects
Garden of Allah
Maxine Weinman

Planet Patrol Unit

1st Assistant Director
Keith L. Shaw
2nd Assistant Director
Adeed Samhat
2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Moses Mugo
Production Coordinator
Gordon Gustafson
Set Production Assistant
Robert L. Tyler
Script Supervisor
Paula Dusman
1st Assistant Camera
Chuck Baker
2nd Assistant Camera
Elliot Baum
Richard Avalon
Patrick Romero
Still Photographer
Sam Urdank
Jack Gould
Mike W. King
Production Design by
Helen Harwell
Art Director
Bob Renna
Prop Master
Ben Lewis
Casey McMackin
John Larena
William Eric Baricklow
Special Make Up Effects
Chris Berghschneider
Mark Williams
Production Sound Mixer
Dave Mathews
Boom Operator
Stacy Washer
John O'Shaughnessy
Best Boy
Dusty King
James Asmodeo
Sergio Eremenco
Dan Conklin
Bill Conlee
Samantha N. Bahramian
Key Grip
Rueben H. Diaz
Best Boy Grip
Jeffery J. Miller
Dolly Grip
Corey M. Peavler
Derrick London
Darryl Orlando Blue
Jim Conway
Gregory W. Ricks
Fight Choreographer
Michael Guerin
Costumes by
Lexi Nikitas
Wardrobe Assistant
Sabrina Yaras
Key Hair and Make Up
Shutchai "Tym" Buacharern
Make Up Assistant
Mihai Stanescu
Creative Cusine
by Janette Gayle
Craft Service
Mathew Virtue
Post Production Supervisors
Gretchen Wieland
Lazar Djokic

Post Sound Services by

Fat Cast Post
Hollywood, California

Supervising Digital Sound Editor

Don Adams

Digital Sound Editor

Harry James Picardi

Post Sound Mixer

Lloyd "Gumbo" Taylor

ADR Recordist

Michael McDonald

Recorded at

Private Island Post

ADR Editor

Gabriel Shayne


William Lantry
T.K. Malone

Music Recorded by

Big Ranch
Intamusic Studios

Orchestration by

Carl Dante

Music Engineer

Yolanda Squatpump

"My Lady Country"

Written by
Carl Dante
Performed by
Copyright Intamusic Publishing
Mixed using Mac OS computers with Radius, Apple & Digidesign equipment

Executive in Charge of Production

Mickey Kaiserman

Financial Systems

Charles Spencer

Corporate Accounting

Michael Harvey

Coordinating Accountant

Ana Llorens

Accounting Assistant

Alan Lau

Assistant to Charles Band

Bennah Burton-Burtt


Dave Parker

Marketing and Creative Services

Steve Blum


Bob Langor

Music Supervisor

Pat Siciliano

Distribution Management

Dwight Krizman

Distribution Resources

Janice Clifford

Distribution Services

Rick Phares

Office Manager

Gina Tucci

Vault Supervisor

Paul Morzov

Communication Services

Jordan Faeth
David Markosyan

Security Progvided by

C.A.S.T. Security

Camera Provided by

Ultra Vision

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Copright 1998 Tanna Productions, Inc.
all rights reserved


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