Last Moment of King Flasher

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Assault! Human!! Episodes
The Magic of the Boy Flasher!!
Last Moment of King Flasher
Last Moment of the Hero Human!!
Last Moment of King Flasher
Last Moment of King Flasher
Series Assault! Human!!
Episode # 9
Directed by Unknown
Written by Tamarugan
Air date December 2, 1972

Last Moment of King Flasher (キングフラッシャーの最期,   Kingufurasshā no Saigo) is the ninth episode of Assault! Human!!.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In this episode, King Flasher is overthrown by a more powerful being named Grand Flasher, who deploys the kaijin Valingar. Junichiro Iwaki transforms into Human No. 1 to combat the monster, but his brother Junjiro becomes suspicious of his disappearance. Junjiro follows Junichiro, and learns of his brother's secrets. However, Valingar nearly kills Junichiro, and the onlooking children use the Human-Sign Red to transform him into a second Human. Together, the brothers finish off Valingar and return peace to the world.

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