Mammoth Bosquito

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Mammoth Bosquito
Mammoth Bosquito in Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
Alternate names Mammoth, Big Bosquito, Large Bosquito
Species Bosquito Dragon
Height 150 meters[1]
Weight 34,500 metric tons[1]
Allies Bosquitos
Enemies Great-Lio, Gotengo
First appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X
the Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers
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Mammoth Bosquito (マンモスボスキート,   Manmosu Bosukīto) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 2005 tokusatsu kaiju film, Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie.


Mammoth Bosquito looks nearly identical to Dark Geran from Super Fleet Sazer-X, with the exception of it possessing two heads, making it somewhat resemble King Ghidorah.


Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie




Mammoth Bosquito is capable of flight.

Flame Breath

Mammoth Bosquito can breathe fire.

Lightning Beams

Mammoth Bosquito can discharge red lightning from its mouths.


Mammoth Bosquito is protected by a barrier around himself which will absorb energy and physical blows, as long as his horns are intact.

Size Changing

Mammoth Bosquito can change his own size by absorbing the essence of other Bosquito.


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12 months ago
Score 0

This looks like the love child of King Ghidorah and Battra.

nuff said.

Green Blob Thing

27 months ago
Score 0
If this had a third head, it could be a cool redesign for Desghidorah.
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