Masaji Yamada

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Toho Company, Limited Character
Masaji Yamada
Masaji Yamada
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Fisherman
Related to Shinkichi Yamada (Brother)
First Appearance Godzilla (1954)
Played by Ren Yamamoto

Masaji Yamada (山田まさじ,   Yamada Masaji?) is a character that lives on Odo Island and the biological brother of Shinkichi Yamane in the 1954 Godzilla film, Godzilla.


Showa Series

Godzilla (1954)

Masaji was aboard a small fishing boat that rescued survivors from the Eikou Maru shipwreck, however his boat was also sunk under mysterious circumstances. His brother, Shinkichi, noticed him wash up on Odo Island's shore, and the islanders rushed to rescue him. Masaji claimed that a monster sank the ship before falling unconscious. A few days later, a powerful storm struck the island during the night. Shinkichi went outside to take a look at the storm, and saw Godzilla, screaming to Masaji to run out of his house. Masaji walked to the door, and saw Godzilla, causing him to become paralyzed with fear. Masaji and his mother were both killed when Godzilla stepped on their house, with only Shinkichi surviving.

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