Matthew Costello

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Matthew Costello
Matthew Costello
Born 1948
New York, New York
First work Sleep Tight (1987)
Notable work King Kong: The Island of the Skull (2005)

Matthew Costello is an American writer noted for his work at Id Software, and on Doom 3 as well as the children's educational show Cyberchase. In preparation for the release of Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong film, Costello was tasked with penning a prequel to it, which released shortly before the film, entitled King Kong: The Island of the Skull.


Costello's writing career was inspired by the King Kong franchise, and was a particular fan of the 1933 film. After the original author slated to write the prequel to Peter Jackson's King Kong decided he was not the best fit for the role, he referred Costello to the studio, and he was picked up for the job.

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