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Monkey Juice is a shamic beverage used by the Iwi people. While it was mainly used as a medicine, it proved to have hallucinogenic properties if abused.


Monkey Juice is a traditional healing beverage created by the Iwi people of Skull Island.


Monkey Juice is a liquid beverage, and can be stored in virtually any container. It appears to be white or possibly clear in color.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

When the crew of the crashed Monarch V-22 Osprey were brought by Ato to the Iwi village, they were given Monkey Juice to treat their wounds. Its healing properties proved viable, as Evenji Medov, who had been mauled by a Death Jackal, made a relatively speedy recovery. Walter Riccio began to overindulge in the Monkey Juice, which made him highly unstable and caused him to receive hallucinogenic visions of Kong's past. Because of these, he began to believe he was chosen by Kong for a higher purpose. This led him on a pilgrimage which ended in him destroying the Iwi Wall with a seismic charge before being killed by Kong himself.



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