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Monster Hunter
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Monster Hunter (Original
Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The cover of Monster Hunter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composed by Paul Haslinger
Released December 4, 2020
# of tracks 15

Monster Hunter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack to the 2020 film Monster Hunter. Featuring music by Paul Haslinger, it was released on December 4, 2020.


  1. "Worlds Beyond Our Senses"
  2. "White Sand"
  3. "Diablos"
  4. "Nerscylla"
  5. "Monsters in Hiding"
  6. "The Shipyard in the Desert"
  7. "Sandstorm Trek"
  8. "Finding the Oasis"
  9. "The Stampede"
  10. "A Hard Climb Ahead of Us"
  11. "Military Engagement"
  12. "Rathalos"
  13. "My Friend"
  14. "Live Through This First"
  15. "Worlds Beyond Reprise"


"Worlds Beyond Our Senses"
"White Sand"
"Monsters in Hiding"
"The Shipyard in the Desert"
"Sandstorm Trek"
"Finding the Oasis"
"The Stampede"
"A Hard Climb Ahead of Us"
"Military Engagement"
"My Friend"
"Live Through This First"
"Worlds Beyond Reprise"

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