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Nemesis in Colossal Kaiju Combat
Alternate names Νέμεσις Project Nemesis, Winged Tilter of Scales Project Nemesis, Project Maigo, Nemmy Project 731, Nems Project 731, Goddess Of Vengeance Project Nemesis
Species Greek Goddess/Human Soul Hybrid CKC, Gestorumque/Human Hybrid Books
Height 100 meters CKC
Weight 50,000 metric tons CKC
Forms Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4
Relations Maigo Tilly Genetic Contributor, Nemesis Prime Genetic Contributor, Maigo Hudson Former Voice, "Sister", Katsu Endo Current Voice
Allies General Lance Gordon Project Nemesis, Fusion Center - P, Maigo Hudson Former Voice, "Sister", Katsu Endo Current Voice, Hyperion Project Hyperion
Enemies Maigo's Murderer (Alexander Tilly) CKC, Project Nemesis, Fusion Center - P Project Nemesis, Drakon Project Maigo, Scrion Project Maigo, Karkinos Project Maigo, Typhon Project Maigo, Scylla Project Maigo, Tsuchi Project 731, Mega-Tsuchi Project 731, Lovecraft Project Hyperion, Giger Project Hyperion
First appearance Project Nemesis

Nemesis is a hybrid kaiju originally created by Jeremy Robinson in the Nemesis Saga series of novels, and later used by Simon Strange in the Colossal Kaiju Combat video game franchise, as well as by American Gothic Press in the comic miniseries adaptation of the first novel.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Nemesis is the clone of a murdered human girl named Maigo Tilly, infused with the genetic material of an ancient monster called Nemesis Prime, which caused her to metamorphose into a vengeful kaiju dubbed Nemesis.

Video games[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nemesis has a feline-like posture, her body is covered in overlapping black armour with orange membranes on each side of her neck and torso. She has four digits on her hands and feet with defined yellow claws. Nemesis has spikes located on her elbows and her knees. She has yellow curved scutes on her back which decrease in size when going down her back. She has a triple forked tail located at the tip, similar to a trident. When using Divine Judgement, she sheds her armour showing a muscle-like layer that is white in colour. Under her armour also reveals she has angel-like wings and are laced with reflective “feathers”.

Books[edit | edit source]

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Comics[edit | edit source]

American Gothic Press[edit | edit source]

Project Nemesis[edit | edit source]

Nemesis is featured as one of the main characters of comic miniseries Project Nemesis, an adaptation of the first novel in the Nemesis Saga.

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Project Nemesis[edit | edit source]


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