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Pacific Rim
Image gallery for Pacific Rim/Videos
Pacific Rim soundtrack

This is a video gallery for Pacific Rim.

Trailers[edit | edit source]

Trailer 1
Main Trailer
Wonder Con footage

TV Spots[edit | edit source]

TV Spot 1
TV Spot 2
TV Spot 3
TV Spot 4
TV Spot 5
TV Spot 6
TV Spot 7
TV Spot 8
TV Spot 9
TV Spot 10
TV Spot 11
Now Playing Spot 1
Now Playing Spot 2
Now Playing Spot 3
Now Playing Spot 4
Now Playing Spot 5
Now Playing Spot 6

Clips[edit | edit source]

"Opening Sequence"
"It's About Compatibility"
"Newt Meets Hannibal Chau"
"Cancelling the Apocalypse"

Online Featurettes[edit | edit source]

"Jaeger: Mech Warriors"
"Oversized Robot Sets"
"The Digital Artistry of Pacific Rim" excerpt
"Drift Space" excerpt
"Under Attack"
Making of the Kaiju Skinmites

Set Footage[edit | edit source]

Set report from CBC News Toronto

Other Promotion[edit | edit source]

"Test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert System," released in advance of the first trailer
"Breaking News: Kaiju Attack," released in advance of the first trailer
"Kaiju Remedies" with Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau


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