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Pacific Rim Uprising
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This is a video gallery for Pacific Rim Uprising.


Trailer #1
Tokyo Comic-Con 2017 Reel
Trailer #2
International Trailer
IMAX Trailer


"Amara and Jake Run from November Ajax in Scrapper"
"Lambert Welcomes Jake and Amara to the Shatterdome"
"Gravity Sling"
"Gipsy Avenger and Obsidian Fury Battle in the Arctic"
"Gottlieb and Newt Fight Their Way Out of an Elevator"
"The Kaiju Take Down Several Jaegers in Tokyo"


Cast and crew soundbites

Set Footage

Official b-roll
Drone footage of a set
Stunt actors sent flying
Stunt actors firing blanks
Extras fleeing in Brisbane, doubling as Tokyo

Other Promotion

Video accompanying the launch of
Neural Scan video shown upon subscription to
New York Comic Con 2017 panel
"3 Jaegers" bonus feature preview
"Training Cadets" bonus feature preview
"Piloting Scrapper" bonus feature preview
From Script to Screen: Jake and Amara Arrive at the Shatterdome


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