Pacific Rim Uprising: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Pacific Rim Uprising
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Pacific Rim Soundtracks
Pacific Rim: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pacific Rim Uprising: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pacific Rim Uprising: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Composed by Lorne Balfe, Patrick Stump,
Ramin Djawadi
Release year(s) 2018
# of tracks 25

Pacific Rim Uprising: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack composed by Lorne Balfe for Legendary Pictures' Pacific Rim Uprising, with contributions by Patrick Stump and Ramin Djawadi, who composed the score for the previous film. It also includes the songs "Daddy Yo" by Wizkid, "Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels, and "Come Down" by Anderson .Paak. The soundtrack became available to stream and download on March 23, 2018, while the CD was released on April 6.

Track List[edit | edit source]

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising [4:47]
  2. Born Into War [4:12]
  3. Rise of the Jaegers [1:38]
  4. Go Big Or Go Extinct (Patrick Stump Remix) (by Ramin Djawadi) [2:10]
  5. Daddy Yo (by Wizkid) [2:39]
  6. Shatterdome Arrival [2:03]
  7. Sneaking In [3:07]
  8. Shao Industries [4:35]
  9. Scrapper Chase [3:56]
  10. Flashback [2:17]
  11. Nobody Speak (by DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels) [3:15]
  12. Kaiju Brain [2:11]
  13. Combat [2:19]
  14. Obsidian Fury [3:31]
  15. Get It Done [3:24]
  16. Come Down (by Anderson .Paak) [2:59]
  17. Shatterdome Attacked [7:18]
  18. Amara [2:36]
  19. Coming Together [3:14]
  20. On the Move [2:21]
  21. Mega Kaiju [2:29]
  22. Battle Speech [2:39]
  23. End Game [2:00]
  24. Victory [2:18]
  25. The Revenge [1:52]


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